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te invitará a una conexión máxima con el Bosque Templado Lluvioso y su increíble Biodiversidad.



Pumol bajo Futrono, Los Ríos

Minimum 2 and maximum 5 people


2 People $80. 000
3 People $120. 000
4 People $160. 000
5 People $200. 000

Description of place and activity

This trail is located in the Pico Toribio Park, in the town of Quimán Alto. A tour that will invite you to a maximum connection with the Temperate Rain Forest and its incredible Biodiversity. You will be surprised with a hidden lagoon and the summit, with an extraordinary viewpoint of the entire territory.

The beginning of the trail is in the Quimán Alto sector, from here the route follows a path towards the hill, rapidly gaining altitude. We will make strategic stops at some viewpoints, although most of the path will be introduced into the forest. At 1. 200 meters, we will be surprised by a hidden lagoon, really wonderful. The summit, from 1. 400 meters is achieved after crossing a rocky edge.

To get to this trail, coming by route T-55 from Futrono or Llifén, you will find at kilometer 4, an entrance towards the hill, to the town of Quimán Alto. After advancing one kilometer, we will meet at the park booth, where we will park the vehicles and begin the activity.

The times of the itinerary are adapted to an outing rich in information and knowledge of what we are going through, so we can take care of and preserve the heritage that we have.


  • 8:00 am: Meeting with participants in the park booth. Signing of the "Registration form and acceptance of the risk of the activity" safety talk, workshop on the use of walking sticks and information on the general itinerary.
  • 08:15 am: Beginning of the trail.
  • 1:00 pm: Arrival at Pico Toribio summit, lunch, space for conversation and contemplation.
  • 2:00 p.m.: Return to the starting point.
  • 18:00 hours: Arrival and return of participants to their destination.
    • Characteristics of the trail

      - Level of physical demand: Medium-High.

      - Level of technical demand: Medium.

    • Path with a steep slope.
    • Starting altitude: 200 meters.
    • Pico Toribio summit altitude: 1. 400 meters
    • Altitude difference: 1. 200 meters
    • Distance one way: 7 kilometers.
    • Return travel distance: 7 kilometers.
    • Total distance traveled: 14 kilometers.

    • Equipment and personal items

    • Sunscreen.
    • Garbage bag and toilet paper, for all personal waste.
    • Comfortable backpack, do not consider wallet or bag, you must keep your hands free.
    • 3 liters of water.
    • Comfortable shoes, ideal with medium or high cane and wrinkled sole.
    • Hat to protect the head from the cold or the sun, depending on the weather.
    • Sunglasses.
    • We recommend a long-sleeved T-shirt or shirt to prevent exposure to UV radiation.
    • We suggest long pants, to avoid exposure to UV radiation.
    • Coat, example: vest, windbreaker, etc. The viewpoint is exposed to the wind, therefore it is always good to consider shelter if you need it.
    • In winter, consider snow gaiters.

      General power

      In the medical file we sent, specify food allergies for the preparation of the march ration. For lunch, food is personal, for this, we recommend you consider an easy format to transport in your backpack, which will be consumed in the Laguna Toribio sector or summit.

      * We advise you with logistics and what to bring, about food.


      • Start hydration with 3 liters of water per person, 2 days before the activity. This will help your body to arrive hydrated beforehand.
      • Políticas de devolución

        - Transporte. - Seguros médicos. - Almuerzo.

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