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Pumalín es un destino mágico para el Kayak de Mar, en estos días equiparemos nuestros botes con todo lo necesario y remaremos a través de termas naturales, colonias de Leones Marinos, bosques templados húmedos, cascadas que caen desde paredes de Granito hacia el océano Pacífico y con suerte nos encontraremos algunos delfines ¡que guiarán nuestra expedición! Una experiencia imperdible en la Ruta de Los Parques de la Patagonia



Km 40, Ruta 225, Ensenada, Puerto Varas

Duration: 4 days

Minimum: 2 people

Days: to coordinate with the company.
Times: Day 1: 6:30 – Day 4: 19:00

Season: From August 1 to June 1

Minimum age: 14 years

Previous experience: Not necessary but being in good physical condition is recommended.

Includes: expedition kayaks, neoprene suit and boots, windbreaker jacket, approved life jackets, all equipment, tents, meals, available sleeping bags, dry bags.

What to bring: bottle of water, camera, sunscreen, sun hat, towel.

Pumalin is a magical destination for Sea Kayak, these days we will equip our boats with everything we need and row through natural hot springs, colonies of Sea Lions, humid temperate forests, waterfalls that fall from walls of Granite towards the Pacific Ocean and with luck we will meet some dolphins that will guide our expedition! An unforgettable experience on the Route of the Parks of Patagonia

Day 1: Set Sail to Patagonia

Our Van and your guide pick you up at 7:00 am at your Hotel in Puerto Varas to get to Hornopirén and cross to Llancahue Island. After lunch we will do our first sea kayak practice (2 to 3 hours) and take advantage of adjusting the equipment.

Then we will take an hour to load the kayaks to have everything ready early the next day.

A little time in the hotel's thermal pools, a pisco sour, a delicious dinner and it's time to go to bed.

Day 2: Open crossing

It is very likely that we will be the first to have breakfast at the Inn, then we go down to the dock and start a slightly more exposed kayak journey.

The idea is to be in the water early to avoid the wind that starts to blow stronger around noon. We leave the island and head southeast until we reach the entrance to the Quintupeu fjord.

Stunning walls offer a narrow opening. The native forest and the Andes fall into the Pacific and it is a place of amazing beauty.

Lunch at one of the few beaches in the fjord and we can take a shower under a waterfall before continuing paddling towards the bottom of the fjord.

Once we left the kayaks, we set up camp at the water's edge and prepare dinner. Tonight we will go to sleep early to regain strength and prepare for tomorrow.

Day 3: A great day

The most exposed day of the journey.

We will start paddling very early to reach today's goal. Depending on the tidal conditions it is very likely that we will be in the water before dawn.

We will carry walking rations on the deck of the kayaks to be able to make the first part of the journey with energy.

The idea is to enter the Cahuelmó fjord at a good time. Before the wind blows very strongly against the cliffs that mark the entrance to the arm of the sea and in time for the tide to allow us to reach the bottom of the estuary and go up the Cahuelmó river rowing to the hot springs of the same name.

We arrived at an emblematic place of the Pumalín project and the Cahuelmó hot springs; tubs dug into the granite provide us with the ideal place to relax the muscles that were put to the test today.

We will prepare the camp in a beautiful place surrounded by forest and a few steps from the Hot Springs for a relax after dinner.

Day 4: Return to civilization

A good breakfast and a last visit to the Baths.

Then it is time to load the kayaks again and start the way back.

We will row to the sea lion of the fjord and meet our support boat at the exit of the estuary to load the kayaks and reach Hornopirén.

Lunch at the cooks of the town before taking the road back to Puerto Varas, we will arrive at 7:00 p.m. +/-.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience?

If they are in good physical condition and want to do long exercise, they are fine. On the first day, and whenever necessary, we will give a full safety talk and paddling tips to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

The important thing will be the courage to row in sometimes difficult conditions and several hours a day with a good attitude. Arriving at night to help set up camp after a long day with the reward of enjoying unique landscapes.

You can be sure that after your activity with us, you will have learned a lot about kayaking. You can choose single or double kayaks (according to the availability of each trip) and all boats come with factory daggerboard or rudder. We use the best equipment available on the market adapted to all levels.

The temperature of the water?

In summer the waters in the area are around 16-17 degrees Celsius. We have organized trips since 1999, therefore we always deliver the right equipment for the weather conditions. In addition, we have a large amount of extra equipment if required.

Do you guide them?

Ko'Kayak has been working in this area for years and our staff prides itself on being professional, a lover of nature and outdoor sports.

Most of our guides are Chilean and will delight you with their knowledge of the region. All of them are trained and certified in stormy water rescue. org) and in first aid in remote areas.

Our priority is your safety and making your stay unforgettable.

Packing list:

- Towel

- Sleeping bags and mat -

- Bottle of water 1L minimum -

- Eating utensils (cutlery, -

plate, glass)

- Swimsuit -

- Long-sleeved first layer for


- First layer for legs

- Sunglasses and sunscreen from

high index

- Hat for the cold and for the sun

-Paddling shorts

-Camera with protection for water Sleeping bag and mat

-Personal clothing, including a pair of low-top sneakers

Ideally neoprene socks with a shoe with a good sole that will get wet

Remember that we will travel autonomously, therefore we must limit the load.

Políticas de devolución

Nuestras políticas de cancelación y reembolso serán lo más flexibles y justas posibles en cada caso. Nuestro objetivo final es siempre proporcionar soluciones y ofrecer un servicio profesional y de calidad. Por otro lado, nuestra empresa es muy consciente de un desarrollo respetuoso con el medio ambiente y está implementando cada vez más medidas que le favorecen, ya sea a través de la política de reciclaje de residuos de nuestros viajes, o a través de un consumo responsable de energía fósil. Requerimos un aviso mínimo de 48horas para devoluciones. De lo contrario, nos reservamos el derecho de cobrar el importe total de la actividad.

Kayak trip in Pumalin Park 4 days

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Kayak trip in Pumalin Park 4 days
Kayak trip in Pumalin Park 4 days
Kayak trip in Pumalin Park 4 days
Kayak trip in Pumalin Park 4 days
Kayak trip in Pumalin Park 4 days
Kayak trip in Pumalin Park 4 days
Kayak trip in Pumalin Park 4 days
Kayak trip in Pumalin Park 4 days