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Una actividad perfecta para entretener a toda la familia en su estadía en Puerto Varas o Puerto Montt. Un remado tranquilo y bien interesante para que los niñ@s se adentren en el apasionante mundo de los deportes acuáticos de aventura.



Km 40, Ruta 225, Ensenada, Puerto Varas

Kayaking location: Ensenada Sector or La Poza Sector, Puerto Varas

(Depending on weather conditions)

Duration: 1/2 Day

Days: Monday to Sunday
Times: 8:30 – 13:30 and 14: 30 – 18:30

Departure times are usually 8:30 a.m. from Pto Varas or 9:15 a.m. if the client arrives at our base. If it is PM 2:30 p.m. from Pto. Varas or 3:15 p.m. from Ensenada.

Season: From August 1 to June 1

Minimum age: 6-8 years

Previous experience: Not necessary

Includes: kayaks, neoprene suits and boots, windbreaker jacket, approved life jackets, dry bags, snack.

What to bring: bottle of water, camera, sunscreen, sun hat, towel.

A perfect activity to entertain the whole family during your stay in Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt. A quiet and very interesting paddling for the children to delve into the exciting world of adventure water sports.

What awaits them?

The day begins with the Van de Ko'Kayak picking them up. You will recognize it by the Ko'KayaK logo it will have and it will wait for you at the door of your Hotel. Once we are en route, we have two options depending on the weather conditions: rowing through a quiet area of ​​Lake Llanquihue, near our Base in Ensenada, or rowing through Laguna la Poza. Both options have the same duration, time and value.

La Laguna la Poza: We will travel approx. 15 minutes by a very pleasant road that borders Lake Llanquihue (Route 225). Just before reaching Puente la Poza we will enter a very short dirt road on the right and we will have arrived.

It is a Hidden Lagoon with generally calm waters, especially in the morning. Here our guides will be waiting for you to equip us and start the activity.

Kayaking on the Lake: We will travel approx. 35 min. along a very pleasant road that borders Lake Llanquihue (Route 225) to our base of operations located in Ensenada After meeting our guides and having equipped ourselves, we will go to the Lake area located 5 min. from our base where we will start the activity.

Our team of guides will receive you and give you a well-detailed safety talk as well as paddling practice before proceeding to the delivery of the equipment: Full body suit and footwear, all neoprene. Life jackets renewed every two seasons and windbreaker jacket.

You can wear a bathing suit, socks and a t-shirt (avoid cotton fabric on cold days).

Don't forget to bring a bottle of water, sunscreen, hat or jockey, sunglasses, towel, shorts (to wear on a hot day) and a towel for later.

Everything you can lose is safer in the Van instead of the kayak and if you have valuables feel free to give them directly to our driver for added security.

At the end of the activity, we will change our clothes and share a delicious snack.

Once finished, it's time to return to Puerto Varas or continue with another adventure in the region.

Our guides

Ko'Kayak has been working in this area for years and our staff prides itself on being professional, a lover of nature and outdoor sports.

Most of our guides are Chilean and will delight you with their knowledge of the region as well as the wonderful and varied Flora and Fauna.

All of them are trained and certified in stormy water rescue. org) and in first aid in remote areas. Our priority is your safety and making your trip with us an unforgettable experience.

Políticas de devolución

Nuestras políticas de cancelación y reembolso serán lo más flexibles y justas posibles en cada caso. Nuestro objetivo final es siempre proporcionar soluciones y ofrecer un servicio profesional y de calidad. Por otro lado, nuestra empresa es muy consciente de un desarrollo respetuoso con el medio ambiente y está implementando cada vez más medidas que le favorecen, ya sea a través de la política de reciclaje de residuos de nuestros viajes, o a través de un consumo responsable de energía fósil. Requerimos un aviso mínimo de 48horas para devoluciones. De lo contrario, nos reservamos el derecho de cobrar el importe total de la actividad.

Kayak half day in Puerto Varas

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Kayak half day in Puerto Varas
Kayak half day in Puerto Varas
Kayak half day in Puerto Varas
Kayak half day in Puerto Varas
Kayak half day in Puerto Varas
Kayak half day in Puerto Varas