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Ven a explorar nuestra red de más de 100 km de senderos, donde podrás encontrar áreas de quinchos, zonas de picnic, puentes colgantes, muelles y miradores. Además, tendrás el privilegio de caminar por ecosistemas en perfecto estado de conservación y que albergan una asombrosa biodiversidad.



Parque Futangue


Adults: $13,000
Children (3 to 7 years old): $6,500
Under 3 years old: enter for free

Activity description

Come explore our network of more than 100 km of trails, where you can find barbecue areas, picnic areas, hanging bridges, docks and viewpoints. In addition, you will have the privilege of walking through ecosystems in a perfect state of conservation and that are home to an amazing biodiversity.

The trails will take you from the depths of the Valdivian Jungle to the spectacular lava fields of the Cordón del Caulle, where lagoons, rivers and waterfalls of imposing scenic beauty and impressive views of Lake Ranco and the Patagonian Andes are hidden.

With a bit of luck you may come across native fauna. Birds such as the Chucao, the Hued Hued and the Black Woodpecker, amphibians such as the Darwin Frog and mammals such as the Chilla fox, which are frequently observed.

Come and enjoy a day of trekking through extensive virgin forests and observe the beautiful views offered by the Pichi lagoon, nestled in an amphitheater of mountains and waterfalls. Explore the lava fields of the Cordón del Caulle by bike and capture the best images from the viewpoints along the way.

To end your visit, we invite you to go to our cafeteria that offers exquisite preparations where you can enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation. And don't forget to visit our beautiful store where you will find top-level crafts.

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Tickets Futangue Park - Ranco
Tickets Futangue Park - Ranco
Tickets Futangue Park - Ranco
Tickets Futangue Park - Ranco
Tickets Futangue Park - Ranco
Tickets Futangue Park - Ranco
Tickets Futangue Park - Ranco