Not only fondas and barbecues: With these Panoramas for the Day you can enjoy the National Holidays and connect with nature

The holidays that are coming up this long weekend are an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nature. On the Ruta Lagos y Volcanes, where Ruténica's tourist providers operate, you can find many outdoor activities that will be taking place on National Holidays.

These are Panoramas for the Day of all kinds, in which you can choose to do adventure tourism, a gastronomic getaway or simply relax surrounded by the wonderful native forests of southern Chile.

Here we share some proposals that will allow you to make the most of the time in these mini-vacations in September. Do not hesitate to contact us through our chat.

Day of connection with nature in Anticura: It is the opportunity to do interpretive hiking through different paths of the Anticura tourist complex, inserted in the Puyehue National Park, such as: the Salto del indio, Salto Repucura , Salto La Princesa, Salto de Los novios, Salto El Pudú, Mirador "El puma", a place where we can appreciate the imposing Puyehue volcano and the valley of the Gol-gol river. This guided experience includes nature connection techniques and stories from the local culture. Includes a portion of the march and lunch (more info: https://bit. ly/3Bh3Z31).

Guided circuit through the Riñinahue Valley: The hike begins at the Pocura Lagoon and its old viewpoint that overlooks the interior of the valley, where you can appreciate all the splendor of the day with the Puyehue Volcano background. It also includes a visit to the Cuya Volcano, to then continue towards the Mirador Volcano, a 5-kilometer trail with a slight slope where we will appreciate young native forest and the volcanic slag from recent eruptions (more info: https://bit. ly/3U7meAq).

Field Day in Quincho Tierra Sur: Would you like to show the children what picnics outside the city are like? With this panorama you will be able to savor exquisite country buffet preparations, with organic products of our own production, in addition to touring the orchard and nursery; rest on the swings and hammocks, always accompanied by the incredible view of the Osorno volcano and Rupanco Lake. All in a warm family atmosphere that will make you feel at home and experience the magic of Puyehue, in the Los Lagos Region (More information: https://bit. ly/3qBKa1i).

Another alternative is Café del Bosque, a bar-restaurant with views of Lake Ranco and its forests. Its menu includes Valdivian crudos, homemade hamburgers, grilled trout and entrails, locos with green sauce, ceviche and Parmigiana sauce. And if you are still not tempted, when you buy your coupon in Rutenica we give you a glass of beer as a gift (https://bit. ly/3CIz3uU).

El Encanto Farm: The panoramas in Rutenica do not end. We also have this special panorama for children at Granja El Encanto. In it you can see Japanese quail, rabbits, chickens, emu, pony, sheep, goats, alpacas, cows and fallow deer, with which you can interact and share in their natural state. And in the picnic area there are comfortable rustic outdoor inns, surrounded by native forest with oaks, myrtle, maquis and thorns (https://bit. ly/3BD3jX0).

Now, if you are one of those who prefers to take days off after National Holidays, there are panoramas that will be available from Tuesday, September 20. One of these is the Floated in the Calcurrupe River. Aimed at adults and children, it consists of taking a quiet "balseo" through this natural water course, which is born in Lake Maihue and flows through the province of Ranco until it ends at Lake Ranco. For $75,000 per person, it includes the loan of the equipment, after an initial talk with an expert guide who explains the enhancement of the place where this activity is carried out.

The meeting point is at 9:30 AM at the Calcurrupe river raft, located 3 km from the town of Llifén; The float is only interrupted for lunch at Quincho Tarague (Auquinco sector) and then resumes until 5:15 p.m. (more information here: https://bit. ly/3U9BkW9).

For more activities for the day or longer getaways, you will find more information on our blog.