From climbing a volcano to walking with goats in Purranque: 10 must-see adventures on winter vacations

These weeks without classes are an excellent time to break the routine and, together with the youngest members of the house, forget about the computer, the television and the cell phone for a while. Ruténica offers you 10 unmissable adventures for these winter holidays.

1. - Walk with goats in Purranque: This is an excellent panorama for the day. You will be able to see how the goats are milked, give them food, accompany them to the meadows and take care of them like a shepherd together with the local pets. In addition, you can rest in a native forest under the trees, listen to the birds sing, hug the trees and collect the eggs from the chickens, among many other activities that take place on a farm. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/walk-with-goats-1.

2. - Ascent to the Mirador volcano in Ranco: This getaway, in which children from the age of 12 can participate, contemplates the ascent to the crater of the Mirador volcano, one of the more than 60 eruptive centers that make up the Carrán volcanic group – The deers. Located in the middle of the native forest, southeast of Lake Ranco, you can see how the lava flow burst on one side and flowed into the valley, all framed in an incredible panoramic view. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/ascencion-volcano-mirador-hiking.

3. - Visit to the Fundo Los Chilcos Mill Museum in Ranco: This museum allows you to go through 100 years of history about the production and maquila process of flour. You will be able to observe the operation of each of the machines in the flour production process and experience how the force of the water allows a complete factory to start up. Located on the banks of the Ralitrán River, it has a dam that allows channeling the energy of the water that makes the mill work. Inside, there is also a cafeteria with delicacies from artisan pastry chefs from the area. More information at: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/museum-el-molino.

4. - Venture into Puerto Octay: With this panorama (for 2 to 6 people) you can live an entertaining experience in the community of Puerto Octay, which includes a dream accommodation in Zapato Amarillo. In addition, you have the possibility of doing various activities, such as canopy between native trees in Las Cascadas (in one of the three largest circuits in South America, located 40 minutes from the accommodation), where you can also walk a free trail on the outskirts of the same town. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/avent-ú-rate-en-puerto-octay.

5. - Aguas Calientes Puyehue Hot Springs: If instead you are looking for a completely relaxing adventure, a visit to the Aguas Calientes Hot Springs indoor pool in Puyehue is ideal for you. You will be able to recover your energy in these hot springs, which flow pure and crystal clear from the depths of the earth. More information at: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/entrances-pool-covered-thermas-aguas-calientes-puyehue.

6. - Guided hiking in Karülafken (Ranco): In this personalized experience, a certified local guide will take you along a path that enters the reserve of the temperate rain forests of the Southern Andes, inside the Kusamkö indigenous community ( Aguas y Cerros) in the town of Calcurrupe Alto (Sendero de Los Brujos), between Lake Ranco (Agua de apuesta) and Lake Maihue (Jarrito to drink). You will have the possibility of contemplating waterfalls (Trayen or Traiquen), the Queñi cord of 2. 242 meters high, wetlands and the Karülafken lagoon. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/hiking-in-kar-uuml-lafken.

7. - Trucha`s Restaurant in Fundo Los Chilcos: Good food is also an adventure in itself. This is what you will discover in the Trucha's restaurant, whose gastronomic proposal of organic trout —free of antibiotics and chemicals and which are grown in a special pool on one side of the enclosure—, you can enjoy it surrounded by a natural environment and with a view of the lagoon of the I found Los Chilcos. Ideal for visiting family. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/restaurant-truchas-fundo-los-chilcos.

8. - Futangue Park Tickets in Ranco: In this network of more than 100 km of trails you will have the privilege of walking through ecosystems in a perfect state of conservation and that are home to an amazing biodiversity. You will enter from the depths of the Valdivian Jungle to the spectacular lava fields of the Cordón del Caulle, where lagoons, rivers and waterfalls of imposing scenic beauty and impressive views of Lake Ranco and the Patagonian Andes are hidden. In addition, along the way you will find suspension bridges, piers, viewpoints, barbecue areas, picnic areas. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/tickets-futangue-ranco-park.

9. - Rappel in Las Cascadas: This adventurous tour includes a 20-minute trek to then reach the waterfall, where the rope descent is made from 35 meters high. To end the tour, a level 1 (easy) climb is carried out to return to the starting point. Includes: Technical equipment: harness, carabiners, helmets, gloves and ropes and with guides in charge throughout the tour. The activity is at 9:00 AM and lasts 2 hours. Arrive 15 minutes early. It is an adventure sport with a 100% connection with nature. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/abseiling-in-the-waterfalls.

10. - By bicycle to Los Mañíos in Ranco: The proposal of this adventure consists of getting to know Los Mañíos by bicycle, together with a local guide, through a route that surrounds the lake until reaching the junction that goes up to this area. Once there, we will enter a family agrotourism venture where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and walk along a path surrounded by native forest and waterfalls. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/en-bicicleta-a-los-manios.

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