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La mejor oportunidad para acercarse al kayak de mar, accesible para todos y en un entorno salvaje y hermoso. Un remado de unas 4-5 horas, entre la desembocadura del Río Petrohué y el primer fiordo de la Patagonia Chilena. A destacar el delicioso almuerzo cocinado en una casita de campo típica sureña donde conversamos con los lugareños y estiramos las piernas antes de seguir remando dirección sur por el fiordo hacia el volcán Yates y el conocido pueblo de pescadores de Cochamó.



Km 40, Ruta 225, Ensenada, Puerto Varas

Duration: full day

Minimum: 2 people

Days: Monday to Sunday
Times: 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The departure time is at 8:30 a.m. from Pto Varas or 9:15 a.m. if the client arrives at our base in Ensenada.

Season: From August 1 to June 1

Minimum age: 10 years

Previous experience: Not necessary

Includes: expedition kayaks, neoprene suits and boots, windbreaker jacket, approved life jackets, dry bags, lunch.

What to bring: bottle of water, camera, sunscreen, sun hat, towel.

The best opportunity to get closer to sea kayaking, accessible to all and in a wild and beautiful environment. A paddle of about 4-5 hours, between the mouth of the Petrohué River and the first fjord of Chilean Patagonia. A highlight was the delicious lunch cooked in a typical southern country house where we chatted with the locals and stretched our legs before continuing south through the fjord towards the Yates volcano and the well-known fishing village of Cochamó.

Our Van picks you up at 8:30 a.m. at your Hotel in Puerto Varas. Once we are en route, we will travel approximately 35 minutes along a very pleasant road that borders Lake Llanquihue to our base of operations located in Ensenada.

Along the way there are many opportunities to take beautiful pictures. If you prefer to meet us at our base, we have

car parks and all the facilities you need including a restaurant.

At the base, already with their guides (certified in rescue and first aid), apart from reviewing the navigation map, we give them all the necessary equipment for the excursion: Neoprene suits and boots, windbreaker jacket , approved life jackets and renewed every two seasons, full first-aid kit and dry bags. We will also have external communication by telephone at all times.

Now we wait 30 min. We traveled further and reached the mouth of the Petrohué river in the Reloncaví fjord in the Ralún bay. The very protected waters of the bay are ideal to start our trip. After a detailed explanation from our guide, it's time to start paddling.

The first section is 1h30 +/- where we will arrive at Península Rollizo, there a nice and quiet place awaits us on the slopes of a traditional southern house. This dream place with meadows that fall into the sea is where Yolanda's family has lived for 3 generations, dedicating themselves to the fields. It is also a perfect place to stretch your legs. Here we will enjoy a delicious homemade lunch inside the hosts' house. We finish lunch with a delicious coffee and it is time to return to our kayaks.

We have a couple more hours paddling south with the Yates volcano in front of us. If we are lucky we can row with sea lions and dolphins, not to mention a rich birdlife that accompanies us to the town of Cochamó, a renowned place for climbing.

At the end of the route, the town offers an incredible point of view over the fjord and the valley that opens to the East.

Here our transport awaits us. One last walk along the waterfront of the pretty fishing village before heading back to Puerto Varas where we will arrive between 6-7pm +/-.

Do I need experience?
We will start the day with a full safety talk and paddling tips to ensure your safety and enjoyment. We use the best equipment available on the market adapted to all levels. After a day with our guides you can be sure that you will learn a lot about kayaking. Sometimes, depending on the tide and wind conditions, different routes are proposed with the possibility of starting in the last meanders of the Petrohué River.

The temperature of the water?

In summer the water in the fjord is around 17 degrees Celsius. We have organized trips in the Estuary since 1999, therefore we always deliver the right equipment for the weather conditions. In addition, we have a large amount of extra equipment if required.

Do you guide them?

Ko'Kayak has been working in this area for years and our staff prides itself on being professional, a lover of nature and outdoor sports.

Most of our guides are Chilean and will delight you with their knowledge of the region.

All of them are trained and certified in stormy water rescue. org) and in first aid in remote areas. Our priority is your safety and making your trip with us an unforgettable experience.


We have worked with families and groups of children since our beginnings (you can check our Trip Advisor page) and we know how to make the little ones have an excellent time.

Our tandem kayaks are ideal for an adult with their child and the individual kayaks are a very good option for teenagers or young adults who want a little more autonomy.

We have equipment adapted to everyone's sizes (suits, life jackets from 8 years old) and several of our guides have a lot of experience with their children that they take in their outdoor activities.

Políticas de devolución

Nuestras políticas de cancelación y reembolso serán lo más flexibles y justas posibles en cada caso. Nuestro objetivo final es siempre proporcionar soluciones y ofrecer un servicio profesional y de calidad. Por otro lado, nuestra empresa es muy consciente de un desarrollo respetuoso con el medio ambiente y está implementando cada vez más medidas que le favorecen, ya sea a través de la política de reciclaje de residuos de nuestros viajes, o a través de un consumo responsable de energía fósil. Requerimos un aviso mínimo de 48horas para devoluciones. De lo contrario, nos reservamos el derecho de cobrar el importe total de la actividad.

Sea kayak to Cochamo Full Day in the 1st Fjord of Patagonia

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Sea kayak to Cochamo Full Day in the 1st Fjord of Patagonia
Sea kayak to Cochamo Full Day in the 1st Fjord of Patagonia
Sea kayak to Cochamo Full Day in the 1st Fjord of Patagonia
Sea kayak to Cochamo Full Day in the 1st Fjord of Patagonia
Sea kayak to Cochamo Full Day in the 1st Fjord of Patagonia
Sea kayak to Cochamo Full Day in the 1st Fjord of Patagonia