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Rock entre Volcanes

Disfruta de esta gran experiencia musical junto a tus amigos! No es necesario ser músico, sólo tener el entusiasmo de pasar un buen momento y divertirte.


Puerto Varas

Pje. Estación 48, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos

Detail of the experience

The experience begins with a guided tour of our school led by a teacher; Visitors will be able to take a tour of the Estación Rock premises, learning about the history of the house and experiencing what our students and teachers live on a daily basis with a sample class.

As an initial activity there will be a "Percussion Circle" where they will be able to express themselves through different instruments guided by a teacher, identifying and repeating simple rhythms. They will also live what an "Ensemble" is, a musical moment with characteristic Rock instruments. Improvising, creating and composing with very simple tools that will be delivered by one of our teachers.

Finally we will enter our recording studio in charge of our sound producer, leaving a record of what we worked on during the day, which can be taken digitally at the end of the experience.

Languages: Spanish / English / Italian

What's included

- Explanation of the type of rooms that exist for each instrument together with the acoustic treatment and infrastructure.
- Brief demonstration of an individual class
- Percussion elements for all members of the experience
- Instruments for all members of the experience - Sound and recording equipment
- Includes Coffee / Tea / Drink / Snack


Políticas de devolución

Cancelación se devuelve el 100% si se hace antes de 48 horas. El día anterior a la fecha de compra se devuelve el 50% el día hábil (lunes a sábado en horario de atención) El mismo día de la cancelación del servicio no hay devolución.

Rock between Volcanoes (minimum 4 people)

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Rock between Volcanoes (minimum 4 people)
Rock between Volcanoes (minimum 4 people)
Rock between Volcanoes (minimum 4 people)
Rock between Volcanoes (minimum 4 people)
Rock between Volcanoes (minimum 4 people)