Still don't know what to do in summer? In Ruténica you can find panoramas or destinations for your vacations from $32,000

Photos: Lakes & Volcanoes Route

There are only a few days left until the official start of summer vacation. January and February are just around the corner. If what you are looking for is to live unique experiences that connect you with the depths of nature, the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route is the ideal destination.

Its waterfalls, ancient forests, hot springs, rich gastronomy culture or endless outdoor activities offer a wide range of possibilities for you to escape alone in this unique area in the world, or to live unforgettable adventures with friends, as a couple or as a family. These destinations are also within everyone's reach. You don't need to spend a lot to enjoy them.

In Ruténica we have selected panoramas whose cost for the weekend starts at 32. or00 pesos. That's right, very cheap. And there are also longer stays, also at very convenient prices. In this list we have selected destinations for the most famous basins of the route. The diversity is very wide, with activities and panoramas for all tastes. We are waiting for you!!!!


–Day of connection with nature in Anticura (from $32. 000): This guided experience includes techniques for connecting with nature and stories of local culture within the framework of a day of interpretive hiking through different sectors of the Anticura tourist complex inserted in the Puyehue National Park . Includes a portion of the march and lunch (More information: https://bit. ly/3V2JvCS).

–Adventure in Puyehue for the weekend (from $205. 000 for 2 people): With this getaway you can venture with your partner through the Puyehue Mountain Range and enjoy a weekend with activities that will allow you to disconnect from routine and fill yourself with energy. Includes accommodation in a cabin, breakfast, trekking, horseback riding along the Golgol River and arborism day (more information: https://bit. ly/3BJJMUn).

–Enjoy the paradise of Puyehue in 5 days and 4 nights (from $642. 800): Puyehue is “paradise for those who seek to rest and live experiences surrounded by the nature of the “Valdivian forest”, which is inhabited by foxes, pudúes and monitos del monte. In addition, its lakes and rivers shine thanks to their crystal clear waters, where you will find dozens of beaches to enjoy in summer. With this pack, you will start the adventure with a delicious lunch, you will rest in cabins at El Taique Lodge, you will go hiking through the Puyehue National Park, you will enjoy the Aguas Calientes Pool in the open air and you will go on a two-hour horseback ride along the Gol River Gol, among many other adventures (more information: https://bit. ly/3PuCCsW).


–Rafting on the Bueno River (from $30. 000): The adventure begins in the town of Puerto Nuevo, where we will welcome you and give you the complete equipment. They will be transferred to the point of entry to the river and after a gentle trekking of 600 meters, we will begin the adventure through the waters of the Bueno River, classified as Class III, medium level, ideal for those who are new to this activity. On the way there are various activities, such as swimming a rapid, jumping from various heights into the river bed, we will also visit a waterfall where we will get under a stream of water that falls from 6 meters (more information: https:/ /bit. ly/3ViAyps).

–Explore the Flora and Fauna in Lago Ranco as a family (2 days and one night from $144. 000): With this proposal you can enjoy a wonderful day with your family, getting to know El Encanto Familiar Park, where you can interact with animals and nature. Includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch on the first day at La Finca del Ranco (more information: https://bit. ly/3hAScGH).

–5 days in Lago Ranco, a memorable adventure (from $814. 400): Completely surrounding Lake Ranco, the third largest in Chile, is one of the most attractive and memorable adventures on the Lakes and Volcanoes Route. In Ruténica we suggest this proposal for five days, with a stay in cabins, rich gastronomy and adventures, ideal for two or four people (more information: https://bit. ly/3Pz0ATL).


-Hot Tub overlooking Lake Llanquihue (from $50. 000): Book a 2.5-hour experience in one of our covered spaces with hot tubs, terrace, changing room and exclusive showers for your family group, located in a natural ravine overlooking the Lake Llanquihue and immersed in a native forest. With waiter service via WhatsApp and much more (more information: https://bit. ly/3BE5KYM).

–Trekking Alerce Andino National Park (from $90. 000): Enjoy a beautiful day of excursion with this wonderful natural refuge that is part of the network of the Route of the Parks of Patagonia. Inside there are must-see destinations, such as the thousand-year-old larches of the Sargasso sector (2. 500 years) or Las Chaicas (almost 3 thousand years). In addition, you will be able to appreciate lagoons through its network of trails such as Sargasso, Chaiquenes, Triángulo and Fría. You have the freedom to choose which sector to know according to your interests (more information: https://bit. ly/3Pxc5eo).

–5 days in Llanquihue, the jewel of the Lakes and Volcanoes Route (from $715. 200): Going around this lake means going through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the south, under the shadow of the imposing Osorno, Calbuco, Puntiagudo and Tronador volcanoes, which do not stop reminding us of the wonderful nature of the nature. This full experience includes different activities so that you can get to know the circuit around Lake Llanquihue. The program includes: 4 nights at Hotel Frutillar, tasting at Cerveceria 860, guided Kayak tour, appreciation of nature in Puerto Octay, coupon for gastronomic consumption, hot tub overlooking Lake Llanquihue and Canopy in Las Cascadas, among other activities ( more information: https://bit. ly/3PAPqhw).


Pellaifa Lake, Kayak tour and hiking in Mili Mili waterfall (from $68. 000): This is an experience that includes sailing and hiking, always with water as the protagonist. It leaves at 10:30 am. The first objective is in Pucura Alto, as far as you have to go to see the Mili Mili waterfall, which is surrounded by large walls of evergreen vegetation. The next destination is Lake Pellaifa. After unloading the equipment, kayak included, the navigation begins. A stop is made on the beach to have lunch and then resume the journey. The photos and recordings in the sunken forest, which juts out over the water, are unmissable (more information: https://bit. ly/3gc6vB4).

–Photographic tour of 7 lakes (from $85. 000): This unique experience consists of visiting the 7 lakes route with its spectacular viewpoints, the small town of Choshuenco, the legendary Enco steamship, as well as all the waterfalls in the biological reserve, Montaña Mágica hotels and Nothofagus, the Volcanoes Museum, the red deer walkway, the Petermann Brewery and Puerto Fuy. Includes transportation, snack and professional guide (more information: https://bit. ly/3FxDqbO).

–Adventurous Panguipulli, with panoramas for 5 days and 4 nights (from $932. 000): With a marked Mapuche cultural identity, a historical past linked to old logging ports and a great variety of thermal centers, this circuit around Panguipulli has been developing as a new great tourist destination of southern Chile, thanks to natural attractions such as the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve. With this proposal, you are guaranteed 4 nights of luxury in a hotel or lodge, as well as a series of kayak adventures, hiking up the Mocho Choshuenco volcano, a photographic navigation tour and an unmissable city tour (more information: https:/ /bit. ly/3Yqbf7f).