Still don't have a panorama for this Holy Week? In Ruténica we have the best getaways for the day for you and your family

Until he arrived! The first long weekend of this year has arrived. Yes, because we have already started the commemoration of Holy Week, which ends with Friday, Saturday and Sunday as holidays.

If you're not one of the lucky ones who was able to escape all week to take advantage of this date, don't worry. On the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route there are panoramas and activities for the day so that you can also take advantage of resting starting this Friday.

Rafting, trekking, hiking, ecocanopy, excursions, among other activities, are part of the offer for the day that awaits you, your friends and family. Added to this is the exquisite gastronomy and excellent places to stay, ranging from boutique hotels to wonderfully equipped cabins in the Ranco, Panguipulli and Llanquihue Lake basins.

So now you know. If you go to the south and want to enjoy unforgettable days, with the best views, among beautiful natural landscapes and exquisite dishes to taste, the offer of Ruténica and its Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route is what you have to experience this Holy Week.

Here we leave you some of the interesting proposals we have for you.


Excursion by vehicle to Salto Ojos del Huishue, Riñinahue Valley: In this activity -which is for people from 4 years old onwards-, you will pass through different natural sites that make up the circuit, such as the La Mula Pass, the Pucura Lagoon and its viewpoint overlooking the Riñinahue Valley and Puyehue Volcano with part of the Cordón Caulle, Cuya Volcano, view of the Mirador Volcano and to reach the end of the route to the Ojos del Huishue Park in Rupumeica Alto. There you can do the circuit that consists of different waterfalls that end in a great show of water and nature full of energy and strength in the Main waterfall. More details here: https://abortar. link/5WkqBi

Magic Waterfall Trekking: Missing South? Then walk the Deleite del Bosque trail and arrive at the mythical Magic Waterfall, where some mischievous goblins hide their treasure, you will also receive all the energy that radiates from this hidden place in the Andean foothills. More data? Did you like the idea? Enter here: https://short. link/mzr6gV.

El Encanto Park and Farm: It has various species of animals such as Japanese quail, rabbits, chickens, emu, pony, sheep, goats, alpacas, cows and fallow deer with which you can interact and share Natural way. Share unique moments in the picnic area, with comfortable rustic outdoor tables, within the native oak, myrtle, maquis and thorn forest. Live a family moment... Enter this link to find out more: https://acortar. link/IPKt0T.


River Petrohue Rafting: The day begins with a van that will pick you up at the door of your hotel. Once en route, you will travel approximately 35 minutes along a very pleasant road that will border Lake Llanquihue to the base of operations located in Ensenada. Along the way there are many opportunities to take beautiful pictures. A bird delivered the equipment and finished the safety talk, the action begins with the rapid: “Ciao Seco”. From here there are 11 km of continuous fun, full of class III+ and IV rapids, such as: “Ese”, “Los Pollos”, “Queso Suizo” and “El Nadador” among many others.

More information?👉 https://abortar. link/vkltr4.

Half-day kayaking in Puerto Varas: Here you have two activity options. Or go through La Poza Lagoon or Llanquihue Lake. In both cases they have the same value and last the same time. In the first case, it is a hidden lagoon with calm water, especially in the morning. While for Lake Panguipulli there is a safety talk and rowing practice, to end with the delivery of equipment. You want to know more? Enter here: https://abortar. link/luJ9MQ.


Full Day in Parque Linoico: The activity begins with a 4x4 ascent tour, once in the park a trekking path is carried out with minimal intervention, guided with an interpretation of native flora and fauna and visiting two waterfalls.

Then you can choose between a guided instructive horseback ride or the canopy, which consists of an initial 80-meter zip line and then a second 400-meter zip line that crosses the Linoico River valley. Do you want to know how it ends? Click here: https://abortar. link/EKdXJR.

Guided tour to a Mapuche Fort: Pure history! That is what is experienced in this activity, which recounts the resistance of the Mapuche people against the European invader. Thus, the stories of their ancestors are told and they relive the different strategies of their great toquis and defenders of culture and land such as Colo Colo, Caupolicán, Jaqueneo, Lintur, Lautaro, represented with Chemanus (wooden men). The path is covered in approximately 20 minutes and its archaeological data is close to 600 years. For more details click here: https://abortar. link/fxiVrF.

Ecocanopy Tralcapulli: Equipment, instructions and everything to fly these cables that run tens of meters at a height of between 15 and 100 meters, and always under the protection of experienced guides. The first test line is 250m long and 15m high, then the second line is 300m long and 70m high, and continues with the third line, 350m long and flying at 100m high over the Rayintulelfu river and the Native Forest of the Valdivia jungle continuing with a trekking of about 7 minutes through the enchanted forest. How does it end? Enter here: https://short. link/lPYhj8.