Do you need to re-energize yourself? In Ruténica we have the best wellness activities in the midst of the beauty and tranquility of the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route

Wellness tourism, related to emotional and physical health treatments in contact with nature, generates around 200 million trips worldwide. And Chile, of course, is one of the privileged destinations in this area.

This, due to the diversity of its landscapes, its incredible nature, the existence of hot springs; due to the presence of various magnetic centers and its connection with the stars and the universe, among other qualities.

The Lakes & Volcanoes Scenic Route has also become an ideal destination for those seeking this type of connection with nature. This is because it not only offers indoor and outdoor activities.

In addition, many of the wellness proposals offered in this destination can be adapted to the needs of clients, since the offer is very wide. It ranges from hot springs, spas, relaxation panoramas, stargazing, to massages looking at a beautiful lake, trekking and meditation, among others. Everything to help you in your physical and emotional health.

With our panoramas we seek to re-energize you with nature, and connect with the energy of the Andes Mountains and its lakes, based -also- on a healthy diet. On the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route you will be able to connect with the four fundamental elements of wellness, which are: water, air, earth and fire.

With this we hope to help you control stress and find positive mental health, a comprehensive re-energization, a restoration of your mind, your body, your soul, in short, your well-being.

Here we leave you some of the wellness panoramas we have for you.

Aguas Calientes Hot Springs: Take a break from the stress of work and daily chores. Visit us and enjoy our indoor pool with hot springs, in Puyehue. They will provide you with physical and spiritual well-being, together with nature. For more information enter here: https://acortar. link/RTu8Xm.

Hot Tub overlooking Lake Llanquihue: Reserve now an experience in one of the covered spaces, located in a natural ravine overlooking Lake Llanquihue and immersed in a native forest. Can you imagine that view? Tranquility to your mind? Just imagine it and come and enjoy it. Here we have more data: https://abortar. link/4XxDvA.

Reconnect pass, full day in Cancagua: The invitation is to extend your experience in Cancagua -Lake Llanquihue-, throughout the day, to get more out of contact with nature, relaxation and its activities. Hot Tub, massage, Yoga class, Kayak or Stand Up Paddle, are part of this wellness panorama, in search of contributing to your mental and physical health. More details here: https://abortar. link/KuqR5e.

Massages in front of Lake Llanquihue: Enjoy a unique experience in front of Lake Llanquihue. That is the purpose of this activity that also seeks to eliminate tension and stress caused by the current pace of life. Give yourself that space. Do not lose it. For more information: https://shorten. link/B49TKi.

Trekking and eleven southern, in Lago Ranco: The invitation is to enjoy a wonderful day walking the trails offered by the Futangue Park and to enjoy the gastronomy of the Riñinahue area. For more background on this activity, go here: https://acortar. link/mXwDRp.

Horseback riding in the El Triwe nature reserve: The arrival is at the quincho of the reserve, where visitors are registered, the conservation objectives of the native forest are discussed and a map of the place is presented to contextualize the visitors. Do you want to know how long the tour lasts? Here are more details: https://acortar. link/DCJXpR.

Day of connection with nature in Anticura with Kutral: With this full-day proposal, you will expand your experience in Cancagua to get more out of contact with nature, to relaxation and activities. With the Reconnect all day pass, you can opt for: Hot tub (2 hours); massage (30 minutes); Yoga class (1 hour and 15 minutes); Kayak or Stand Up Paddle (SUP). In addition, stay on the beach, yoga class and ride with Stand Up Paddle (SUP) or Kayak. More information at: https://bit. ly/3A0f8VB.