Workshops and training for tourism enthusiasts: The Technological Diffusion Program "Designing High Value Tourist Experiences" begins

"The program is aimed at those passionate about tourism and promoters of the beauty of southern Chile, who are always looking to create high-value tourism products." The phrase is from the commercial engineer Angélica Sepúlveda, director of "Consultora Pilares", who together with her colleague Paulina Valderrama, in addition to being the creators of Ruténica, also gave life to the Technological Diffusion Program "Designing Tourism Experiences of High Worth".

The program -which was launched at the Panguipulli Cultural House-, is aimed at tourism entrepreneurs from Panguipulli, Futrono, Lago Ranco and Río Bueno, and is financed by "Fomento Los Ríos".

The initiative contemplates face-to-face and virtual work, with phases of participatory learning and design processes and prototyping of experiences.

In addition, the workshops will teach marketing strategies and design of high-value tourism experiences, as well as value proposition and connection with customers and the science behind setting a price. The courses will be led by specialists in tourism marketing, an expert in tourism sustainability and two hotel managers who will share their experiences in the field.

“Thanks to specialists in the field, in this course they will be able to acquire the necessary skills and tools to captivate their old and new clients with carefully designed tourism products”, added Angélica Sepúlveda.

While Paulina Valderrama maintained that “what makes the program even more special is its technological tour, which contemplates that entrepreneurs will be able to test their tourism proposals in San Martín de los Andes, province of Neuquén, in order to nurture the learning process with common experiences together with other businessmen in the territory”.

The mayor of Panguipulli, Pedro Burgos Vásquez, appreciated that the launch of the program was carried out in the commune: "We are grateful for the possibility that a project related to high-value tourist experiences has its initial kick in Panguipulli. Not only because of the tourism development that involves the Los Ríos Region, but it is also very consistent with the tourism development proposal that we have in the territory”.

The Technological Diffusion Program "Designing High Value Tourism Experiences", will allow businessmen to improve the delivery of services to tourists who will come to enjoy the lodgings, gastronomic offer and activities in the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route, which includes Los Ríos, Los Lagos and La Araucanía.

Do you want to know more? Enter this link to find out about the lodging offer: https://acortar. link/KbYQRw and this other link to find out about the activities that Ruténica has for you: https://acortar. link/iMoWmN.


Launch Seminar "Sustainable Tourism, digitization and post-pandemic trends"

Date: March 29.
Place: Panguipulli Cultural House

Workshop 1 "Value proposition and connection with customers"
Date: April 19.
Place: Futrono.

Workshop 2 "The science behind setting a price"
Date: May 09.
Place: Rio Bueno.

Workshop 3 "A tourist product, it does not sell itself"
Date: June 14.
Place: Conaripe.

Workshop 4 “Design of tourism products” (first part).
Date: July 26.
Place: Lake Ranco.

Technology Tour
Date: August 22 to 24.
Place: San Martin de Los Andes.

Workshop 5 “Design of tourism products” (second part).
Date: September 6.
Place: Panguipulli.

Demo Day
Contemplates "Putting to the test" the different prototypes, collecting opportunities for improvement and adjustment, through relevant methodologies.

Date: October 4.
Workshop 6 “Design of tourism products” (third part).
Date: October 18. Location: Futron.