Ancestral dishes, French desserts or German sweets? These gastronomic destinations on the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route will surprise you in February

There are only days left until February starts and the turnover of vacationers. And if you have not yet decided to visit the destinations on the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route, stop reading: here we bring you information on must-see gastronomic destinations that will convince you.

It is that the south of Chile, in addition to its beautiful landscapes, privileged views and warmth of its people, has a rich and vast gastronomy.

The different circuits that make up this route of tourist experiences stand out for combining Creole, Colona and Mapuche food and drinks. In addition, the more than 2,000 kilometers of roads that connect its 21 communes –between the regions of La Araucanía, Los Lagos and Los Ríos– allow travelers to meet ancestral peoples and traditional festivals that give it a cultural and culinary identity. only.

For example, in the Siete Lagos Circuit, Panguipulli has very good restaurants serving international, Chilean, fusion and vegetarian cuisine. Wheat and hazelnut coffee is also made in the area, as well as catutos and a tasty horse soup.

Say no more. Here our gastronomic data by basin (while you read, imagine that you are tasting them in front of volcanoes, or surrounded by forests and lakes. You can find all of this and more in Rutenica).


Restaurant Lodge El Taique: In its menu you can find from traditional French dishes created in the family kitchen, to the flavors discovered in the odyssey that led their creators to the southern latitudes. The specialty of the house: deer and wild boar. Traditional French desserts, all homemade (more info at: https://bit. ly/3kz9aGK).

Café Relmu: Cheap food place that stands out for offering fresh lunches, cooked at the moment. You can enjoy a delicious main course, something to drink and a delicious piece of kuchen on the terrace with a privileged view of the lake and the Entre Lagos waterfront (https://bit. ly/3HscMmS).

Quincho Tierra Sur: Come and enjoy a field day with your whole family, where you can savor exquisite preparations in the country buffet, with organic products from our own production. Then you can tour the orchard and nursery of the barbecue area, rest on the swings and hammocks with an incredible view of the Osorno volcano and Rupanco lake (https://bit. ly/3D9oLmP).


La Finca del Ranco: It has a great variety, both grilled and plated with special preparation. We are very concerned that the food is homemade, making the client feel like family and comfortable. Its “Onces Sureñas” stands out, famous for recalling the tradition of family elevens that our grandmothers gave us in the countryside, with kneaded bread, homemade cookies and kuchen, among other delicacies (https://bit. ly/3wliLnj).

Restaurant Puerto Futrono: This gastronomic destination is located on the shores of Lake Ranco, in the Port of Futrono. Its dishes include fresh products such as trout, salmon, pippin, hake; the ceviches, the hot mariscal, the vetoed loin, the steak and many more delicacies ideal for recovering strength after a morning of hiking or trekking in the area (https://bit. ly/3Ja6NUT).

Café del Bosque: The offer is seductive. In this destination you can enjoy a delicious lunch in the Bar-restaurant with a view of the beautiful Ranco Lake and its forests. On the menu are products such as Valdivian crudo, homemade hamburgers, grilled trout, grilled entrails, locos with green sauce, ceviche and Parmesan machas (https://bit. ly/3H3wcwZ).


El Nuevo Cimarrón Restaurant: It is characterized for being a place where the client can find in one place typical flavors from all over southern Chile, along with local products. Located in front of Lake Llanquihue, with a privileged view, you can wait for the sunset contemplating the vivid colors of nature (https://bit. ly/3WrBYyc).

Se Cocina restaurant: This is a family establishment, with an open kitchen, and a small room with 6 to 7 tables, where a true gastronomic experience is delivered. This experience begins with the entry of diners through a lush garden, with appetizers and smells from the kitchen that will only whet your appetite (https://bit. ly/3HtvryR).

Scarecrow, to continue celebrating: This restaurant is an ode to flavors and forcefulness. Asado al palo, salads from organic gardens, milk desserts with seasonal fruits and a cafeteria in honor of the original peoples, are part of its menu (https://bit. ly/3HncAUX).


Restaurant Escuela: Its Chef has created a menu that is due to the land and its seasons, avoiding foreign and timeless products. It seeks to highlight what is proper, what belongs, what fills with pride. In simple words,
are a showcase "to show off the flavorful cuisine in Panguipulli" (https://bit. ly/3j6HubL).

Truful Neltume Brewery: It is a family micro-business that was born 5 years ago, and whose hallmark is the manufacture of different varieties of craft beer. They have a space for customer service in which different food options are offered to pair with their wide variety of beers (https://bit. ly/3Jb3oFI).

Felsinea in Panguipulli: It is also a family SME that moved from the city to the south of Chile, looking for a better quality of life. That spirit is evident in each of its products. "We are dedicated to the preparation of pastry, bakery and prepared meals, all made by hand with great care and reflecting years of dedication and love for cooking," say its owners (https://bit. ly/400ko7x).