What to do with children on winter holidays? A lot!!! Ruthenic has these panoramas by day

Keeping the kids home all day is not an option for families this winter holiday. Like adults, children also need activities outside the home for their emotional well-being. For these weeks, in addition, specialists recommend that children should do outdoor and low-risk activities.

In Ruténica we have many panoramas for the day so that the smallest members of the household can have fun, learn and get to know Puyehue, Ranco and Llanquihue better.

Here our selection of panoramas:

Canopy in Las Cascadas: What would your children say to you if you told them “now children, today we are going to jump between the trees”? Well, that's what this getaway for the day consists of. With high-quality helmets, gloves, and pulley equipment, this canopy circuit, one of the three largest in South America, includes 14 platforms and 11 cables with a length of 2. 000 meters, for which you can even reach a speed of 45 K/M per hour. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/canopy-en-las-cascadas.

Mirador volcano ascent: This adventure is like having a live geography class. See the ascent to the crater of the Mirador volcano, one of the more than 60 eruptive centers that make up the Carrán-Los Venados volcanic group. Located in the middle of the native forest, to the south-east of Lake Ranco, you can see how the lava flow burst on one side and flowed towards the valley, enjoying an incredible panoramic view. More info: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/ascencion-volcano-mirador-hiking?_pos=8&_sid=bcbaaa921&_ss=r.

Lago Puyehue Aquarium and Farm: In this incredible theme park you will be able to visit the only freshwater aquarium that exists in Chile, where you will be able to admire the life that exists inside the lakes in their different stages of development. You can also visit the educational farm, with mammals and birds for supply. With this panorama, it is impossible to get bored on vacation. More info: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/aquarium-lake-puyehue-aquarium-and-farm-1.

Riding along the River: In this panorama with horses you can ride for two hours in the open pampa (1 km), cross a native forest (1 km) and visit the Indian waterfall. And that's not all, then you walk another 2 km along the banks of the Golgol River until you reach the Repucura, Colorado and Velo de la Novia waterfalls. More info: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/cavalgata-rio-golgol.

Automuseum Moncopulli: It is the largest Studebaker automobile museum outside the USA. And you will not only be able to enjoy cars, but you will also be able to see model trains and cars, toys. And an incredible collection of cameras, agricultural machinery and hundreds of antiques. It is a unique family experience with ambient music of the time. More info: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/tickets-museum-moncopulli.

Salto la Olla Island Park: This beautiful 6.5-hectare park of native forest, traveled by the Mapuche culture since ancient times, has 4 trails to explore: the Salto del Brujo, Sendero White Rocks, Botanical Trail and Salto la Olla. Its facilities include a viewpoint, ceremonial area, restrooms and a picnic area. In addition, it has a cafeteria and a shop with products and crafts from the area. More info here: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/tickets-park-la-isla-salto-la-olla.

Arborism in Anticura: An excellent place to live a family adventure. Inside the Puyehue National Park, in the middle of the Valdivian jungle, there is an arborism circuit built many meters above the ground. You will go through 8 platforms with different games through the treetops: suspension bridges, Tibetan bridge, climbing wall, canopy and many other surprises. More info: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/arborismo-anticura.

El Encanto Farm: The panoramas in Ruténica do not end. We also have this special panorama for children at Granja El Encanto. In it you can see Japanese quail, rabbits, chickens, emu, pony, sheep, goats, alpacas, cows and fallow deer, with which you can interact and share in their natural state. And in the picnic area there are comfortable rustic outdoor inns, surrounded by native forest with oaks, myrtle, maquis and thorns. More info: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/parque-el-encanto-familiar.

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