We Tripantu on the Lakes and Volcanoes Route

Every year, between June 21 and 24, the Mapuche people celebrate We Tripantu, an ancestral ceremony that is very important to their culture. The date coincides with the winter solstice, when our planet reaches its maximum distance from the sun: that night is the longest on the calendar and the following days are longer.

As of We Tripantu, the sun “begins to return” and nature undergoes multiple changes: the rains arrive that will make new shoots appear, the rivers renew their waters, the birds get up early, the animals shed their fur. The energies of the Earth are renewed. For the Mapuche worldview, this astronomical phenomenon represents the “rebirth of life”.

The tourist destinations offered by Ruténica.cl through the Lagos y Valcanes Route allow us to learn more about the Mapuche culture and get closer to the We Tripantu ceremony and its meaning. Ester González, owner of Camping Calcurrupe, which is located in the province of Ranco, explains that this date arouses great interest among tourists who come to the area .

“For me, We Tripantu is a date of renewal of the spirit, of the Earth, of the Sun, it is like starting a new day and a new dawn. In our case, at the campsite, we organize a special day, which starts at 7:00 in the morning. We invite tourists to live an experience of renewal and meditation in the middle of nature, next to the river. This makes it possible to renew strength and receive energy, ”she recounts.

This allows visitors to be told what it is about and what is the importance of this ceremony for the Mapuche people. "Afterwards, we have breakfast, which could be a Mapuche breakfast, with tortilla, milcao, sopaipillas, catutos (mültrün) and wheat coffee," explains Ester.

Lorena Sepúlveda, owner of the rural lodging El Canto del Chucao, on the shores of Lake Ranco (Illahuapi peninsula), which has trails and native forest, among other attractions, explains that on this date They conduct conversations with visitors on the subject, which allows them to get closer to the Mapuche culture.

“We celebrate We Tripantu at the community level. Later, in the afternoon, next to a stove, conversations can be held. Those who want, in addition to hiking and kayaking, can also visit the orchards and craft workshops; There is a lot of natural and cultural attraction in the area.”

Esteban Garrido, in charge of Tourism of the Municipality of Ranco, explains that although We Tripantu, because it is a religious ceremony, is not open to tourists, unless they are invited by the communities , "this does not prevent the date from being a good opportunity to get closer to the Mapuche culture through the different services offered in the area, such as rural tourism and crafts."

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