Unique experiences to give away this Christmas on the Lakes and Volcanoes Route

Photos: Lakes&Volcanoes Route and Ruténica.

Christmas is approaching, a date where the most memorable gifts are those that surprise and leave their mark for many years. Ruténica's panoramas, activities, getaways and adventure packs meet exactly this characteristic.

This is because in addition to giving away local tourism –a great majority of our tourist providers are entrepreneurs located between Los Lagos and Los Ríos–, Ruténica's proposals correspond to experiences in which nature is the great protagonist, generating a deep bond with those who visit us.

On the Lakes and Volcanoes Route, for example, there are more than 60% of Chile's hot springs, which makes it an ideal area for those who practice health or wellness tourism. But there are also accommodations of all kinds and for all tastes: water sports, arborism, trekking through waterfalls, volcanoes and hills; a rich gastronomy with a multicultural influence; and many more activities, such as kayaking, rafting, horseback riding; and the possibility of having direct contact with the culture of native peoples, who are also part of the tourist circuit.

Here we give you alternatives for unique tourist experiences that you can give away this Christmas, both for couples, families, groups of friends or for yourself, at a very affordable price. Or you can also contact us directly at our WhatsApp that works 24/7 to put together a picture of your look. You're going to be surprised!!

Gift for the family:

–Mirador Volcano Ascent - Hiking in Ranco: This is an ideal panorama for lovers of the beauty of volcanoes. Contemplate a visit to the crater of the Mirador volcano, one of the more than 60 eruptive centers that make up the Carrán – Los Venados volcanic group. Located in the middle of the native forest, ascending to its summit at 700 m. yes no m , you can see how the lava flow burst on one side and ran down the valley. The panoramic view is incredible. (https://bit. ly/3Xru2yG).

–Arborism in Anticura: An excellent place to live a family adventure. Inside the Puyehue National Park, in the middle of the Valdivian jungle, there is an arborism circuit built many meters above the ground. You will go through 8 platforms with different games through the treetops: suspension bridges, Tibetan bridge, climbing wall, canopy and many other surprises. (https://bit. ly/3U2b2nA).

–Guided kayak tour: appreciation of the nature of Puerto Octay: The tour begins with an introduction to paddling and the local fauna. It consists of a guided tour around the lake in a kayak, with an expert guide in birds, flora and fauna, visiting the network of wetlands, historic areas on the lake edge and native forest, as well as disembarking on some small islands. The activity ends in a traditional German cafeteria a few steps from the lake. The activity lasts around 3 hours and up to 8 people can participate (https://bit. ly/3OfoF1u).

–Cabins in the Lafquintue tourist center in Futrono: This center has fully equipped cabins for 5 people, located with a spectacular view of Lake Ranco and with sufficient independence from one another, thus being able to enjoy an incomparable tranquility. It is located inside a Condominium one block from the main street of Futrono, which allows easy mobility to access the commercial center of our city (https://bit. ly/3V4KyDa).

–Pellaifa Lake, kayaking and hiking in the Mili Mili waterfall: This is an experience that includes sailing and hiking, always with water as the protagonist. It leaves at 10:30 am. The first objective is in Pucura Alto, as far as you have to go to see the Mili Mili waterfall, which is surrounded by large walls of evergreen vegetation. The next destination is Lake Pellaifa. After unloading the equipment, kayak included, the navigation begins. A stop is made on the beach to have lunch and then resume the journey. The photos and recordings in the sunken forest, which juts out over the water, are unmissable (https://bit. ly/3gc6vB4).

–Rafting on the Bueno River – Ranco: The adventure begins in the town of Puerto Nuevo, where we will welcome you and give you all the equipment. They will be transferred to the point of entry to the river 11 kilometers from the base and after a gentle trekking of 600 meters, we will meet the guides and the rafts. We will have a safety and maneuvers talk for 10 minutes and we will begin the adventure through the crystalline waters of the Bueno River, classified as Class III, medium level, ideal for those who are new to this activity. The Expedition faces Class 2 and 3 Rapids. Along the way, various activities are carried out, such as swimming a class 2 rapid, jumping from various heights into the river bed, we will also visit a waterfall where we will get under a stream of water that falls from 6 meters, among other activities ( https://bit. ly/3ViAyps).

–Floated on the Calcurrupe River: Aimed at adults and children, it consists of taking a quiet "raft" through this natural water course, which originates in Lake Maihue and flows through the province of Ranco until it flows into Lake Ranco. For $75,000 per person, it includes the loan of the equipment, after an initial talk with an expert guide who explains the enhancement of the place where this activity is carried out. The meeting point is at 9:30 AM at the Calcurrupe river raft, located 3 km from the town of Llifén; The float is only interrupted for lunch at Quincho Tarague (Auquinco sector) and then resumes until 5:15 p.m. (https://bit. ly/3U9BkW9).

Panguipulli Adventurer (5 days and 4 nights): "This circuit is structured around seven lakes of extraordinary beauty. The landscape is characterized by the presence of Valdivian jungle forests and its main figure is the Mocho Choshuenco volcano, where different winter activities can be carried out. With a marked Mapuche cultural identity, a historical past linked to old logging ports and a great variety of thermal centers, this region has also been developing as a new major tourist destination in southern Chile, thanks to natural attractions such as the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve. , an important center of biodiversity and endemism (https://bit. ly/3AHu0ZK).

Gift for groups of friends:

–Full day: bike and kayak on Maullín River: The adventure begins in Puerto Varas, where we will take our bike to explore a typical and unique Chilean town, Llanquihue, which is built around Humedales , the Maullín River and the Lake of the same name. In this town you can enjoy incredible views and landscapes of mountains and volcanoes, it is an unusual adventure that you should not miss when you visit Puerto Varas. After visiting Llanquihue we will have time for lunch with delicious homemade hamburgers or perhaps homemade pizza accompanied by local beers. Continuing with our activity, we will kayak down the only outlet of Lake Llanquihue towards the sea, we will paddle the Maullín River, a flat and calm river to enjoy and contemplate nature. You will be able to meet the Kingfisher, Herons ducks and the elusive Huillín the freshwater otter (https://bit. ly/3hBQIf1).

–Volcanoes and waterfalls in Ranco (weekend for 2 to 6 people): We invite you to enjoy a weekend of hiking and connection with nature in this magical destination. The suggested program includes Breakfast at Illi Lodge, ascent to the Mirador volcano with the local guide, relaxation in a hot water jar with a courtesy chopping board, hiking through different waterfalls, where you can see the Nilahue Falls, among other activities (https://bit. ly/3V4H8QQ).

Riding along the River: In this panorama with horses you can ride for two hours in the open pampas (1 km), cross a native forest (1 km) and visit the Indian waterfall. And that's not all, then you walk another 2 km along the banks of the Golgol River until you reach the Repucura, Colorado and Velo de la Novia waterfalls. (https://bit. ly/3VlqrQT).