Unique Experiences: The 7 best "trekkings" of the Lakes and Volcanoes Route

Photos: Lakes and Volcanoes Route

Visiting the destinations of the Lakes & Volcanoes Scenic Route is to be the protagonist of an incomparable journey. With six circuits that cover three regions and more than 2. 000 kilometers of roads, crossing it implies making contact with a geography shaped by the implacable force of volcanism, bathed by large lakes and covered by the green of ancient forests.

In Ruténica we start a new series where we will tell you about different types of Unique Experiences that you can do on this route. We start with the 7 best places for trekking, since in the area there are ideal trails for this type of outdoor sport.

There are very demanding routes, such as the Villarrica Traverse and the Paso Vuriloche, both of which are long; and also others of medium difficulty, but no less spectacular for that. For example, the Conguillío, Huerquehue, Villarrica, Puyehue and Vicente Pérez Rosales national parks alone have more than 40 trails of varying duration and difficulty. And in Ruténica we also have our own trekking proposals associated with other very entertaining adventures for all tastes. We are waiting for you!

1. - Trekking Cerro Pico Toribio : This 10-hour adventure starts in the Quimán Alto sector (Pico Torribio Park), with a path towards the hill that rapidly gains height, with strategic stops at some viewpoints, always surrounded by the deep Temperate Rain Forest, all of which will allow you a maximum connection with nature. At 1. 200 meters away, a hidden lagoon emerges, truly wonderful. The summit, at 1. 400 meters is achieved after crossing a rocky edge. The trekking is designed for two, three, four or five people. In total there are 14 kilometers. The level of physical demand is medium-high. You dare? (more information: https://bit. ly/3zULQrG).

2. - Trekking to the glacier of the Mocho Choshuenco Volcano: This tour of medium difficulty consists of ascending the mountain practicing trekking through snowy forest and ascending to 2000 meters, to contemplate the imposing glacial masses that decorate the slopes of this complex volcanic. You will live moments of great adrenaline, walking through natural settings surrounded by mountains, forests, jungles, canyons or rivers. Definitely, this tour is the best gift you can give yourself, since you will enjoy a unique environment that reflects all the existing natural beauty in the Panguipulli commune (Los Ríos Region). The journey lasts from 6 to 12 hours, depending on the time of year (more information: https://bit. ly/3UESVo7).

3. - Trekking and eleven in the Futangue Park: Not everything has to be suffering. This low intensity trekking proposal is designed for those who like outdoor sports and gastronomy. You will be able to enjoy a wonderful day walking the trails of more than 100 km of the Futangue Park, a real surprise in the Ranco Lake basin. In this protected reserve there is an excellent network of trails that serve to explore part of its 13. 500 ha. of Valdivian forest, lagoons, rivers and mountains. With very well marked trails, it has all kinds of viewpoints and walkways that connect and inform its main sectors. In addition, the panorama includes a coupon for a southern eleven at the Finca del Ranco Restaurant, with kneaded bread, homemade cookies, kuchen and other delicacies (more information here: https://bit. ly/3fFvQmM).

4. - Route of the volcanoes in Ranco (children can be included): The youngest members of the family (over 8 years old) can participate in this trekking with a certified guide. Its layout contemplates the passage or ascent during the morning by emblematic volcanoes of the Ranco Lake, such as Pocura, Cuya or Mirador. At the top of this last massif you can enjoy and walk a 5 km path through the beautiful Valdivian jungle. And not only that: from its summit you can see the Riñinahue valley, the Pocura lagoon, the Culli volcano, the Cordón Caulle and the Ranco lake, which amazes young and old alike (more information: https:/ /bit. ly/3Tx1Hnz).

5. - Trekking in Los Mañíos: With the support of a certified guide, this outdoor activity begins with a tour of a beautiful path where you can appreciate different waterfalls in Salto Los Mañíos Park. The journey contemplates getting to know the country life of local agrotourism projects such as the Boar Hunt, which includes an unmissable viewpoint. This is followed by 30 minutes of trekking through the Lago Ranco Panoramic Park, to resume a path that crosses the Los Mañíos waterfall, with its double waterfall (https://bit. ly/3FUXCGi).

6. - Climb Villarrica, a major challenge: Reach its summit at 2. 847 meters high, to witness its crater with an open lava well 200 meters in diameter, is one of the goals of the most professional trekking practitioners. The view from the top is simply amazing. The volcano is covered by an extensive 40 km2 glacier that is located at the northwest end of a notable volcanic chain together with El Mocho, Quetrupillán, Quinquilil and Lanín. It has 59 historical eruptions and the largest in this century were in the years 1908, 1920, 1948, 1949, 1963, 1971, 1984-85 and 2016. The ascent of the volcano is done all year round, in winter as in summer, accompanied by professional guides. Between June and December it is possible to ski or snowboard down, for which a good technical level and a physical condition commensurate with the challenge are required. These images show what the panorama looks like from its summit: https://bit. ly/3UlIS7S.

7. - Summit the Puyehue volcano, another trekking classic: With a height of 2240 m. yes no m, this massif is located within the National Park of the same name (Province of Ranco). Its crater has a measure of 2. 4 km in diameter and during the winter season it is possible to see it almost completely snow covered. Being an active volcano, it is possible to see its spectacular fumaroles. The treks to its summit start at dawn, with stops at the El Caulle refuge. In summer it is presented as a demanding and accessible trekking to be done without previous experience. They are two days of travel, with incredible views of the Andes mountain range and with a route marked by its recent eruptions, including the one in 2011 (more adventures in Puyehue at this link: https://bit. ly/3hrjlvy).