Unique experiences: 7 great panoramas to practice kayaking on the Lakes and Volcanoes Route

Kayaking is an activity deeply linked to nature. Practicing it, whether in a sporting or recreational way, alone, as a couple, with family or friends, is an open invitation to find yourself. The Lakes and Volcanoes Route is very generous for followers of this outdoor sport: it has 26 large rivers and 22 lakes, which allow this discipline to be carried out both in slalom mode (descent with obstacles), and in river descent and cross-country.

Fernando Bustos, kayak guide-instructor associated with Ruténica, highlights the area as a unique place for water sports. “The lakes are of glacial origin and the mountain and vegetation formations are very old. The views are panoramic, from where you can see the volcanoes. And when you paddle you observe flora and birds, which is also highly appreciated”, he points out.

When choosing his favorites to row, Bustos highlights Lake Pellaifa, in Coñaripe (Panguipulli commune). “It is a lake with a lot of history and famous for its sunken forest,” he adds. He also recommends Lake Neltume and Pullinque.

Fernando Bustos, a Lemu Mahuida kayak instructor-guide associated with Ruténica, highlights the area as a unique place for water sports.

Sports for everyone and all ages

The question always arises as to whether kayaking is an activity that requires a lot of preparation. It is not like this. On the contrary, it is for all people. There are lakes with very gentle currents, which allows you to get used to paddling in a matter of minutes, although always taking precautionary measures.

Bustos explains that a talk is given on safety measures and all equipment is handed out before entering the water, including life jackets, alarm whistles, helmets and appropriate clothing. Children from seven years old can also join accompanied by an adult, since they go in a double kayak and always with a guide to avoid unnecessary risks.

In Ruténica we share 7 great panoramas for kayaking on the Lakes and Volcanoes Route, which you can combine with other activities. They are unique experiences that you will not forget.

1. - Kayak in the Maullín River sunken forest: We will navigate through the Maullín River submerged forest, a journey that begins from the source of its watercourse. There are about 16 kilometers of route in one of the eight places with the greatest biodiversity in the world. This activity has no risks and can be practiced by people from 12 to 65 years old. You will be able to enjoy the maximum tranquility of nature on a journey that lasts about 4 hours (more information: https://bit. ly/3XkNUUf).

2. - Pellaifa Lake, kayaking and hiking in the Mili Mili waterfall: This is an experience that includes sailing and hiking, always with water as the protagonist. It leaves at 10:30 am. The first objective is in Pucura Alto, as far as you have to go to see the Mili Mili waterfall, which is surrounded by large walls of evergreen vegetation. The next destination is Lake Pellaifa. After unloading the equipment, kayak included, the navigation begins. A stop is made on the beach to have lunch and then resume the journey. The photos and recordings in the sunken forest, which juts out over the water, are unmissable (more information: https://bit. ly/3gc6vB4).

3. - Kayak tour through the waters of Lake Ranco: Accompanied by a certified local guide, the invitation is to take a tour of approximately 2 hours along the waterfront of Lake Ranco, initially passing through the Los Bajos sector where the story of the Devil's Footstep, a well-known legend of the place. Then, we will go to that place to explore it up close, we will take a break and finally we will return along the coast of Lake Ranco until we reach the beginning of the route (more information: https://bit. ly/3TCEZdr).

4. - Guided kayak tour: appreciation of the nature of Puerto Octay: The tour begins with an introduction to paddling and the local fauna. It consists of a guided tour around the lake in a kayak, with an expert guide in birds, flora and fauna, visiting the network of wetlands, historic areas on the lake edge and native forest, as well as disembarking on some small islands. The activity ends in a traditional German cafeteria a few steps from the lake. The tour lasts around 3 hours and up to 8 people can participate (more information: https://bit. ly/3OfoF1u).

5. - Floating on the Calcurrupe River: It is an activity for the whole day, of low intensity, where the protagonist is this natural course of water that is born in Lake Maihue and flows in the province of Ranco to flow into Lake Ranco . Departs at 9:30 AM, stopping for lunch in the Auquinco sector (more information: https://bit. ly/3ULzXwS).

6. - Full day: bike and kayak on Maullín River: The adventure begins in Puerto Varas, where we will take our bike to explore a typical and unique Chilean town, Llanquihue, which is built around Humedales, the Maullín River and the Lake of the same name. In this town you can enjoy incredible views and landscapes of mountains and volcanoes, it is an unusual adventure that you should not miss when you visit Puerto Varas. After visiting Llanquihue we will have time for lunch with delicious homemade hamburgers or perhaps homemade pizza accompanied by local beers. Continuing with our activity, we will kayak down the only outlet of Lake Llanquihue towards the sea, we will paddle the Maullín River, a flat and calm river to enjoy and contemplate nature. You will be able to meet the Kingfisher, Herons ducks and the elusive Huillín the freshwater otter (more information: https://bit. ly/3hBQIf1).

7. - Panguipulli Adventurer (5 days and 4 nights): If you are looking for a total experience, this pack is ideal for 2 to 4 people to enjoy. Includes accommodation, visit to the Lake Theater, kayaking on Lake Pellaifa, ascent to the Mocho Choshuenco volcano, Huilo Huilo Photographic and observation tour with navigation on Lake Pirihueico and City tour in the Panguipulli area. Getting bored, impossible (more information: https://bit. ly/3El8nj4).

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