The Los Ríos Tour is coming up, an ideal sports competition to get to know the Lakes and Volcanoes Route with family and friends

If you still can't find where to stay, in Rutenica there are the best options to stay and eat in this beautiful region.

Photos: Nimbus.

Unforgettable landscapes, beautiful views and a great panorama is what awaits the competitors of the new Tour de Los Ríos 2023, which will take place between March 31 and April 2. It is a cycling competition that will cover the communes of Panguipulli, Futrono, Lago Ranco and Valdivia, where about 400 competitors are expected to arrive to cover 300 km of 99% paved road.

The competition begins in beautiful Panguipulli, from where the cyclists will ride the Ruta 7 Lagos, bordering Lake Panguipulli until they reach the Mocho-Choshuenco volcano and then back to the city.

The second stage contemplates a complete turn to the wonderful Lake Ranco, ending in the city of Futrono. While the third and final stage will take place in the city of Valdivia, capital of the Los Ríos Region.

This will begin in Parque Saval towards the beautiful Costa Valdiviana. The route includes the towns of Niebla and Los Pellines towards the Oncol Park. Later, you will go down through Bonifacio to Curiñanco, and then return to Valdivia along the coast, with great and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Carlos Sotomayor, a member of Nimbus Outdoor –the corporation that organizes this sporting event–, told Ruténica that for this version, along with increasing to 400 the number of runners, they hope to "improve the experience of the riders, in addition to adding value to the beautiful scenic routes that exist in the Los Ríos Region."

Carlos Sotomayor.

“We must not forget that this stage race crosses beautiful roads in the communes of Panguipulli, Lago Ranco, Futrono and Valdivia. Newcomers will face demanding routes, with a lot of unevenness. But the beauty of the lakes, volcanoes, rivers and oceans make the experience incredible,” he adds.

As for whether this type of event is a good scenario to visit the area with family and friends, Sotomayor explains that “come to the Los Ríos region will always be a good scenario, but if we add to that the practice of a sport, the adventure is complete. It is also worth saying that we listened to the competitors who told us that the date did not coincide with Easter, so we hope to have another interesting weekend in the region, thus supporting tourism and local commerce”.

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