Is summer ending? It may be, but on the Lakes and Volcanoes Route we will always have options to discover, enjoy and rest

Photo: Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route.

Laughter, games, lakes, sea, countryside, beach. All of that will be part of the memory in a couple of weeks. For many, summer will end.

But take heart, this summer season is not over yet. In fact, there are those who have not yet gone on vacation and who are eager to disconnect from the work routine to rest alone, with their partners or as a family. The important thing is that there is still time to visit the most beautiful places in the south of our country.

The waters of Ranco, Panguipulli, Llanquihue and Puyehue offer not only an ideal place to rest, but their people are waiting for you to deliver the warmth of the people of the south and also the best panoramas with outdoor activities, such as trekking, kayaking and hot springs, among others. Added to this are the most varied accommodation offers and a rich gastronomy with exquisite dishes that will make this experience one that you will not forget for many years. You will even come back, we are sure of it.

So, do you really think it's over? Here at Ruténica we say NO. There is still much to discover, enjoy and take advantage of this summer season, so we invite you to see some of the proposals we have for you in the lake basins of the Los Ríos and Lagos regions. As always…the choice is yours.

First stop from north to south… Panguipulli Lake:


Hotel Casa Panguipulli: With surprising architecture, southern heights, volcanoes that appear in every window, an infinite gallery, stones and lots and lots of light. Native woods, unique objects, looms, leathers and rugs handwoven by Mapuche hands, are the stars and give warmth to the decoration of this elegant accommodation option. A place where tradition and modernity come together to gather the taste for the simple, the well done. (https://cutt. ly/j3kzUdg).

Borgolafquén Cabins: This is a tourist complex of seven exclusive cabins on the shores of Lake Panguipulli. Each cabin is fully equipped and has an unbeatable view of the beautiful basin. In addition, there is a jetty, barbecue area, games, kayak and jars for the use or rent of the guests. (https://cutt. ly/A3kxoe1).

Amukan Lodge: This option currently has three cabins for 4 people and one cabin for 2 people, each with a fully equipped kitchen, integrated living and dining room, combustion slow and electric, air conditioning, cable TV, high-speed Wi-Fi, ecological amenities, large terrace, barbecue, parking, green areas and impressive views of Lake Panguipulli and Villarrica and Mocho-Choshuenco volcanoes. Wonderful isn't it? (https://cutt. ly/L3kxHKq).


Ascent to the Mocho Choshuenco volcano: There are 10 hours of adventure in this challenging, but beautiful and entertaining activity, which allows you to discover the beautiful landscapes from the highest zone of the Region of the Rivers. The walking tour begins at approximately 1,500 meters above sea level, where the technical equipment is delivered and a talk is held before beginning the ascent. The activity is physically demanding, since the route is carried out through snow and on a glacier, presenting the last section of the terrain with a slope of 45° before reaching the summit of 2422 masl. In summer the ascent is more accessible to the public since the walking time is reduced compared to winter, which is very demanding and for athletes. Do you dare?(rb. gy/mxicnq).

Trekking Sunset: Ascent during the day and descent at night. This is how this experience can be summarized, which begins with a talk and delivery of equipment, and then travels to the Coihueco sector located 15 km from Panguipulli, from here a path begins between forests of native trees and wild vegetation, adorned with the constant sounds of wildlife and nature.

This activity has an intermediate level of difficulty, given its demand for ascent and descent. The duration of the walk to the Filcumpulli viewpoint lasts approximately 2 hours, where we arrive at a natural viewpoint that positions us in a westerly direction facing Lake Panguipulli. From here we can enjoy a beautiful sunset over the lake after a comforting rest and energy recharge. (rb. gy/adljm7).

Riding in Huilo Huilo: There are three hours of adventure on a steed, in a fun trip through the hills of Huilo Huilo, the magical forest, where you can enjoy all the incredible beauty of the Fuy River and the Leone Falls. In addition, you will be able to visit the red deer and wild boars to return along trails in the middle of the ancient forest of giant coihues. What better? (rb. gy/rggcn4).

Second stop…Range Lake:


Cuyinco Domes: If you choose this attractive option you will find yourself not only with the opportunity to rest in a natural terrain, but you will also be able to do Trekking Routes, Bicycle, kayaking, nature, services of relax, and much more! These domes are located 2 km from El Arenal beach and at the foot of Cerro Illi, surrounded by abundant native vegetation and typical birds of southern Chile. However, a different alternative (rb. gy/er6ckr).

Ranco Lauken Cabins: Here you will not only rest on a terrace overlooking the lake, but you will also have breakfast, lunch, eleven drinks and dinner looking at the waters of Ranco, since its cabins are located on the Costanera, in first line of this beautiful natural spectacle, steps from the beach. It is a complex of two fully equipped family cabins for 5 people, where you can enjoy not only an incredible landscape with a privileged view of its transparent waters, but also the Andes Mountains. Cabañas Ranco Lauken is the perfect place to rest and enjoy. (rb. gy/yilfgm).

Campsite El Descanso in Riñinahue: Looking for an adventure closer to nature? In this place you will not only be able to find that, but it also includes a country breakfast every day you decide to stay. Here you can rest and connect with country life thanks to the natural environment that surrounds us and the animals with which we live. (rb. gy/kk5yel).


Trekking and eleven southern, for the day: We invite you to enjoy a wonderful day touring the trails offered by the Futangue Park and the exquisite cuisine of the area. Let's explore the park's network of more than 100 km of trails, where you can find barbecue areas, picnic areas, hanging bridges, piers, and viewpoints. In addition, you will have the privilege of walking through ecosystems in a perfect state of conservation and that are home to an amazing biodiversity. While the famous southern elevens have all the tradition of family elevens that our grandmothers gave us in the countryside, where you can find kneaded bread, homemade cookies, kuchen, jams, dulce de leche, ham, cheese, all accompanied by tea, hot chocolate, submarine, cappuccino, latte, among many other delicious things. Do you get the idea? (rb. gy/turfjt).

Kayak the waters of the Ranco: This activity will be completely under the supervision of an expert and certified guide. The start of the activity will be in the previously agreed place to equip and start a safety talk given by the specialized instructor in the area. Later, we will take a tour of approximately two hours along the Lago Ranco waterfront, initially passing through the Los Bajos sector where the story of the Devil's Footsteps, a well-known legend of the place, will be told. Then, we will go to that place to explore it up close, we will take a break and finally we will return along the coast of Lake Ranco until we reach the beginning of the route. (rb. gy/p8styv).

Canyoning in Los Mañíos: Imagine descending a beautiful waterfall whose waters flow into Lago Ranco. That is what we offer you with this activity, which begins with a tour of the different waterfalls or cascades in the Los Mañíos sector and then, in the "Salto Escondido" that has a height of approximately 15 meters, live the experience of the canyoning. This consists of going down with a rope from the top of the waterfall secured with climbing equipment, always accompanied and guided by a specialized instructor. Can you? (rb. gy/mvvcln).

Third stop…Lake Llanquihue


Tiny House Las Cascadas: A dream environment is what awaits you in this option, which has cabins with a complete front of thermopanel glass. To this is added a terrace facing the lake, air conditioning, as well as a slow combustion stove for those who want to make a fire in the afternoon. The tourist center is surrounded by meadows in a rural area with easy access, overlooking Lake Llanquihue near Las Cascadas, Osorno Volcano Ski Fields, Canopy, Puerto Fonk, Petrohué Falls, Cochamó, among other attractions. (rb. gy/x3tquu).

Room at La Colmena Eco Lodge, in Ensenada: The different types of rooms are perfectly adapted to couples, families and groups. All have a private bathroom with tub, desk, large closets, towels, shampoo, and hair dryer. The house has WiFi and central heating. We accept pets.

The rate includes a rich and varied breakfast of your choice. This alternative has large, well-ventilated common areas that include a dining room, bar, terrace, and a 60m2 multipurpose room with a 65″ TV and kitchen, where you can play board games, exercise, and join our craft workshops. cooking and wellness In addition, in the forest you will find quiet places to relax, grill and fire pit. (rb. gy/ndankq).

Hotel Cabaña del Lago, Puerto Varas: It is a group of cabins perfectly arranged on the banks of the Llanquihue, with an unbeatable view and becoming part of the landscape of the city. Already forty years of dedication, experience, which has a great human team, which have made them the main hotel in the area with the largest accommodation capacity and services, an icon of Puerto Varas and a permanent benchmark of quality and service. . 158 rooms and 5 eco-cabins with state-of-the-art technology, the largest pool and SPA center in the region, restaurants, bar and services, events center, etc. (rb. gy/m21rrk).


Ascent to the Osorno Volcano: An unforgettable experience that begins by registering the ascent at the CONAF office, the regulator of national parks.

Then a walk through rocks and volcanic stone to reach the point where we will equip ourselves with all the necessary safety equipment. The ascent will continue until reaching the last challenge, which will be to climb a wall of ice and snow. Facing this last adventure, you will reach your destination: The summit of the Osorno Volcano, from where you can see the Llanquihue Lake in its entirety, the Petrohué River, Todos Los Santos Lake, Calbuco Volcano, Cerro Tronador, Puntiagudo Volcano, La Picada Hill and more. . (rb. gy/qumtj6).

River Petrohué Rafting: With half a day duration, this proposal is only for the most adventurous. The activity begins with a 35-minute tour along the edge of Lake Llanquihue, where you can take pictures of beautiful places. Once at the base, the team of guides (trained and certified in first aid in remote areas and rescue techniques in troubled waters) will receive you and give you a well-detailed safety talk before proceeding to the delivery of the equipment: full body, jacket and shoes, all neoprene. Life jackets renewed every two seasons and approved helmets, and the adventure begins. (rb. gy/1cx4gz).

Riding to Cayutué: This intense and entertaining activity takes place in the volcanic eruptive center of Cayutué and La Viguería in the Liquiñe-Ofqui fault zone, this is the place where we will ride to the Lagoon Cayutué, we will discover a geological past while enjoying the ride.
After a briefing, we'll saddle up and begin our 1.5-hour ride along the trail that gradually ascends into the temperate forest. We are surrounded by a volcanic field that occupies a low area between the southern end of Ensenada Cayutué, the southern extension of Todos los Santos Lake, and the northern end of the Reloncaví Estuary, where the Petrohué River, which drains Todos los Santos Lake, reaches the sea. You already figured it out right? (rb. gy/tpxdul).

Fourth and last stop…Puyehue Lake


La Valenciana Cabins: These cozy cabins are located in front of the Puyehue Lake natural heritage, with views of the Puyehue volcano and the El Caulle mountain range. They are surrounded by large and beautiful gardens, making them the ideal place to enjoy and rest with the family. If you book a cabin for 2 nights or more, the price includes a night of jar and a welcome drink. Rich right? (rb. gy/uepd35).

Hotel Lodge El Taique: Beautiful views of Lake Rupanco, Osorno and Putiagudo volcanoes, is what this attractive option offers, which has double, double and triple rooms, and even quadruple rooms for those guests who seek to disconnect from the daily routine. All modern and cozy rooms have a private bathroom. What more can you ask for? (rb. gy/v8hgt8).

Anticura Tourist Center: Enjoy and rest in a beautiful mountain cabin inside the forest in the thickness of the Valdivian jungle, at the foot of the Puyehue volcano, surrounded by nature and located within the Puyehue National Park . The cabins are fully equipped and are part of the Anticura Tourist Center in the Andes Mountains. The value includes access to the Anticura trails where you can see various waterfalls and a viewpoint. (rb. gy/badk7o).


Arborism in Anticura: It is a family adventure within the beauty of the Valdivian Forest of the Puyehue National Park. This arborism activity consists of a route many meters above the ground where you will go through 8 platforms to enjoy different games through the treetops such as suspension bridges, Tibetan bridge, climbing wall, canopy, among others. Entertaining right? (rb. gy/dilomj).

Automuseum Moncopulli: It is the largest Studebaker automobile museum outside of the USA! With 26 years since its foundation, it is a place where you can not only enjoy automobiles, but you can also see model trains and cars, toys, an incredible collection of cameras, agricultural machinery, and hundreds of antiques. With ambient music that will transport you back in time! (rb. gy/s8wq2d).

Fishing day in Coto Acuario: Enjoy with family or friends a fun day of sport fishing with return, in an area of ​​recreation, entertainment, training and learning of this sport in an environment nice for a picnic day. The alternative includes use of barbecue area with grill and dishwasher, to prepare your food and snacks. Excellent or not? (rb. gy/slmdtw).