Fiestas Patrias Sureñas: With these tourist and gastronomic destinations you will not be able to get bored

If you are looking for a different experience for these National Holidays, that mixes the best of gastronomy with southern charm and destinations to rest and enjoy with family, friends or as a couple, the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route has a wide range of tourist offers to choose between the regions of La Araucanía, Los Lagos and Los Ríos.

A “scenic route” is associated with a type of tourism that guarantees experiences with a component of natural beauty. Rivers, mountains, volcanoes, lakes, forests, waterfalls and a lot of biodiversity are part of its essence, and are the hallmark of the tourist experiences of the Lakes and Volcanoes Route.

Mario Hermosilla, president of the Frutillar Chamber of Tourism, points out that the area has become a high-level gastronomic center with the capacity to receive thousands of people.

“All the stores will be open and we will be prepared waiting for all Chileans who, in addition to gastronomy, like to connect with nature, in a pleasant and familiar environment. Coming to Lake Llanquihue, and strolling through the entire basin, is a very good panorama to relax. Seeing the snow-capped volcanoes is wonderful,” he says.

For his part, Boris Pérez, manager of Finca Del Ranco, says that restaurants like his will have live music and local artists in line with the events of the Lakes and Volcanoes Route, that are directed to the family. “On these dates we have many tourists in the area. To people who are thinking of coming, I would recommend visiting the wonderful sectors that we have, such as the waterfalls. They can also tour the lake. Getting there is very easy. We are 5 minutes from the entrance to Lago Ranco, with a paved road, so there is no problem getting there."

Here we share destinations and gastronomic information of this route, with which you will not be able to get bored in these "mini vacations" prior to the beginning of spring.

Cabins in Riñinahue, with jars and grills: This destination located in the Lago Ranco commune, is a perfect setting to visit with the family. All the cabins have a hot tub on their terrace and its use is included in the daily rate. The service also includes a steam sauna. Pets are allowed. (More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/cabanas-en-rininahue-con-tinaja).

Lodge in Panguipulli with a view of the Lake: This lodge located in the province of Valdivia has three cabins for 4 people and another for 2, with all the necessary equipment to only worry about resting and filling the body of pure air It has impressive views of Lake Panguipulli and the Villarrica and Mocho-Choshuenco volcanoes. In addition, it has a large terrace, barbecue, parking and green areas (https://www. ruthenic cl/products/cabana-con-lago-vista-al-lago-panguipulli?_pos=2&_sid=3e610ad8b&_ss=r).

Field Day in Quincho Tierra Sur: Would you like to show the children what picnics outside the city are like? With this panorama you will be able to savor exquisite country buffet preparations, with organic products of our own production, in addition to touring the orchard and nursery; rest on the swings and hammocks, always accompanied by the incredible view of the Osorno volcano and Rupanco Lake. All in a warm family atmosphere that will make you feel at home and experience the magic of Puyehue, in the Los Lagos Region (More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/dia-de-campo-quincho-tierra-sur).

Hot Tub among native forests and overlooking Lake Llanquihue: This experience located in Frutillar is for those seeking total relaxation. Contemplate 2 and a half hours in covered spaces with hot tubs, terrace, changing room and exclusive showers for a family group. And all located in a natural ravine overlooking Lake Llanquihue and immersed in a native forest. With waiter service via WhatsApp and much more (https://www. ruthenic cl/products/hot-tub-con-vista-al-lago-llanquihue?_pos=1&_sid=e2d85e891&_ss=r).

Trekking and once southern: Enjoy a wonderful day walking the trails of more than 100 km of the Futangue Park, where you can find barbecue areas, picnic areas, hanging bridges, piers and viewpoints. In addition, the panorama includes a coupon for a southern eleven at the Finca del Ranco Restaurant, with kneaded bread, homemade cookies, kuchen and other delicacies (https://www. ruthenic cl/products/trekking-y-once-surena-for-the-day?_pos=1&_sid=62b9c4764&_ss=r).

Discover Puyehue and its native forests: This panorama includes entrance to the Isla Salto la Olla Park, which you can visit between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. There are 6.5 hectares of native forest, traveled since ancient times by the Mapuche culture. We can book a lunch at Quincho Tierra Sur Restaurant, at the time that suits you, where you can savor exquisite preparations with organic products from our own production. In addition, you will be able to visit the Lago Puyehue Aquarium and farm, the only freshwater one that exists in Chile (https://www. ruthenic cl/products/discover-puyehue-for-the-day).

Family rooms in Zapato Amarillo – Puerto Octay: If you are thinking of visiting Puerto Octay and getting to know all the wonders around Lake Llanquihue, the rooms at the Zapato Amarillo country hostel are a great choice. In its facilities built with native wood and with ceilings, you will find everything you need to rest and organize your adventures in the area (https://www. ruthenic cl/products/family-room-yellow-shoes-puerto-octay?_pos=1&_sid=2b01fbf67&_ss=r).

Futangue Park Tickets in Ranco: In this network of more than 100 km of trails you will have the privilege of walking through ecosystems in a perfect state of conservation and home to an amazing biodiversity. You will enter from the depths of the Valdivian Jungle to the spectacular lava fields of the Cordón del Caulle, where lagoons, rivers and waterfalls of imposing scenic beauty and impressive views of Lake Ranco and the Patagonian Andes are hidden. In addition, along the way you will find suspension bridges, docks, viewpoints, barbecue areas, picnic areas (https://www. ruthenic cl/products/entradas-parque-futangue-ranco?_pos=1&_sid=8e3e4ee75&_ss=r).

Coupons for La Finca del Ranco: This restaurant is known on the Lakes and Volcanoes Route for its strong barbecue and southern elevenses, all 100% homemade. In addition, in these National Holidays the atmosphere will be animated with local artists (https://www. ruthenic cl/products/restaurant-la-finca-del-ranco?_pos=1&_sid=8e2aa37f2&_ss=r).

Camping Calcurrupe: In this family campsite on the banks of the Calcurrupe river you can enjoy a quiet and safe National Holidays. You will be attended with hospitality by its owners and you will have electricity, a hot water shower, counters, seats and solar electricity. In addition, there is a gastronomic barbecue area where you can enjoy rich and filling lunches (https://www. ruthenic cl/products/site-of-camping?_pos=1&_sid=e061c4261&_ss=r).

Guided hiking in Karülafken: In this personalized experience, a certified local guide will take you on a trail that enters the reserve of the temperate rain forests of the Southern Andes, inside the indigenous community Kusamkö (Waters and Hills) in the town of Calcurrupe Alto (Sendero de Los Brujos), between Lake Ranco (Agua de apuesta) and Lake Maihue (Jarrito to drink). You will have the possibility of contemplating waterfalls (Trayen or Traiquen), the Queñi cord of 2. 242 meters high, wetlands and the Karülafken lagoon (https://www. ruthenic cl/products/hiking-in-kar-uuml-lafken).