Ruténica celebrates one year with a new website and delivering great business opportunities to tourism entrepreneurs on the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route

“Although the area is known throughout the world for its invaluable natural treasures, not everyone knows that during the winter the tourist offer is also active”.

A year ago, one of the journalistic notes that gave an account of the birth of our portal for tourist entrepreneurs of the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route: Ruténica began.

So, because we celebrate one year supporting each of the entrepreneurs in the lake basins of Panguipulli, Lago Ranco, Llanquihue and Puyehue , who have trusted our work and who have benefited from it.

Such is the case of the Puyehue Lake Aquarium Park where its owner Paola Lagos, reveals that as soon as she began to sell her services through Ruténica “the change was very noticeable, ( …) especially in winter time”.

“It has been a support platform for the Aquarium; It has been a support platform for everything related to the sector, the place, and thinking about the territory in general. In other words, not only in the places that it is, but also to visualize the other ventures”, he adds.

Along with pointing out that he always asks his clients to buy his services through Ruténica -so that other bidders are also visualized "and thus win the whole territory"-, "I think it has been a win since various points of view. One for the Puyehue commune, another for the visualization of the Scenic Route, another obviously for the Aquarium Park and to name a fourth, which is super important, is that you can decentralize a little bit the strong season of tourism, so you can sell in the winter when hardly anyone sells”.

There are dozens of sales that bidders receive through this platform that this month celebrates one year of operations, not only with the support of several people, but also from tourism entrepreneurs themselves.

And to continue improving the service, the milestone marking this first anniversary is the change in the website www. ruthenic cl.

As explained by the founding member of Ruténica, Angélica Sepúlveda, “it is a job that we have been doing for several months and in which we have been collecting various themes that the previous design had. Trying to make it friendlier, more functional for the client, with a navigation that makes it easier to find the experience and that allows you to go through the different proposals that we have in a clear way”.

In this sense, Sepúlveda also maintains that these changes in the platform seek to deliver “an image that is much more, perhaps, more professional. An image more in keeping with the times, more modern, with beautiful photos, and highlighting some things, such as the activities, how difficult they are, the location of the places.

“We are inaugurating some maps that we specially ordered to be made with all the bidders, we made some maps of each one of the basins, with all the bidders, with icons of each bidder so that people can locate where each one is, and with the offer. There are also panoramas that we have made from recommendations in each of the basins with free panoramas, not all of them are paid in depth, like the must-sees in each area. We put that in a special tab for destinations, which says destinations, and for each of the basins where we are, show how these natural attractions are there, and that anyone can enjoy them”, he added.

One year after our launch, then, we invite you to visit one of our destinations by basin to relax this fall season and enjoy a maximum connection with nature.


Eco Canopy Tralcapulli: Here a guide always pulls first and waits for you when you reach the end of the line, while another guide will be connecting you at the beginning and so on in all lines. It begins with the first test line, 250 meters long and 15 meters high. Do you want to know more? Enter here: https://shorturl. at/eqxKM


Rafting in the Bueno River: With an intermediate level, this activity lasts three hours. In this adventure you will travel through the crystalline waters of the Bueno River and it is ideal to start this beautiful and fun activity. All the details can be found at this link: https://shorturl. at/bhzM7


Puyehue Lake Aquarium Park: Visit this incredible theme park where you can see the only freshwater aquarium that exists in Chile. There you can admire the life that exists inside the lakes, in its different stages of development. You can also visit the educational farm where you will find mammals and birds for supply. So you can appreciate life in its different environments, water, air and land. More details? https://shorturl. at/vLNUY.


Catamaran ride on Lake Llanquihue: A 45-minute tour that takes you to the most beautiful landscapes of Lake Llanquihue. Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday. Yeah, they don't stop. Do you want to know the schedules?: https://shorturl. at/doqtN.