Regional tourism: unite to add

“Winter is coming”, a famous line from a popular TV series. For the tourism entrepreneurs of Los Lagos and Los Ríos this season of the year is expected with the same expectation. For years great efforts have been made to "reverse" winter seasonality -associated with cold and a decrease in tourist activity-, with the aim of encouraging local, national and foreign tourists to enjoy our rich and infinite environment. nature and learn about the many offers of rest, connection with nature and adventures that we have available at this time of year. After long years of hard work, promoted by families and local entrepreneurs, both regions have a wide range of proposals: lodgings with incredible views, outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, kayaking, tree climbing; races in the rain and walks through lakes and volcanoes that can surprise those who dare to live these experiences. The tourism entrepreneurs of our regions, beyond all difficulties, are always available to innovate and generate attractive proposals. Wins are never lacking. A couple of days ago we met with tourism entrepreneurs from Ranco, Puyehue and Llanquihue. Your main concern?: 'What else can we offer, what else can we promote and what can we improve to attract visitors?' Today, thanks to technology and the infinite possibilities offered by the web, we can show all of Chile and the world this wide network of tourist proposals that we have. What are we missing? To bring the experience of new technologies closer to many entrepreneurs who are unaware of them or who still do not know the benefit that can be obtained from them. For this, personalized accompaniment, advice and training are key, with a strong territorial link to generate associativity and destination awareness among the services. But there is still something else: we need to deepen our own collaboration networks. Knowing what each other is doing, to generate greater links between all these ventures that sometimes seem scattered and isolated from each other. How to do it to connect so that all of us, with our differences, are part of a comprehensive network easily recognizable by any visitor inside and outside our regions, is one of our pending challenges. One month before winter officially begins, it is never too late to unite and add.