Plan your summer: 5 days in Lago Ranco, a memorable adventure

Photos: Lakes and Volcanoes and Rutenica Route.

Completely surrounding Lake Ranco, the third largest in Chile, is one of the most attractive and memorable adventures on the Lakes and Volcanoes Route. Sailing through its waters that shine under the sun's rays allows you to discover some of the most exclusive lake resorts in the country, with beautiful cattle fields, exuberant Valdivian jungle forests, cliffs and viewpoints towards islands, waterfalls and snow-capped mountains.

In addition, there is a completely paved road that crosses towns and corners full of history, which refer to a valuable railway heritage and the passage of the famous poet Pablo Neruda through this area.

If you are preparing your vacation, in Ruténica we have prepared a proposal for five days, with a stay, rich gastronomy and adventures, ideal for two people. This program includes:

–Cabins Whereabouts T85 in Riñinahue // OPTION 4 PEOPLE: Cabins for Don Quixote's rest in Riñinahue.
–Maqueo Experience Includes: Tour, workshop and lunch (Optional).
–Futangue Park entrance.–Floated on the Calcurrupe river.
–Canyoning in Los Mañíos.
–Dinner at La Finca del Ranco restaurant.
–Entrance fees to the Mill Museum in Fundo los Chilcos.

The park Futangue, for example, is a real surprise for those who have not been able to visit it. It has an excellent network of trails that serve to explore part of the 13,500 ha. of Valdivian forests, lagoons, rivers and mountains that this reserve protects. These trails are very well signposted and have all kinds of viewpoints and walkways that connect and inform their main sectors.

With our proposal, you can enjoy a day of trekking through extensive virgin forests and observe the beautiful views offered the Pichi lagoon, nestled in an amphitheater of mountains and waterfalls. You can also explore the lava fields of the Cordón del Caulle by bike and capture the best images from the viewpoints on the route.

In addition, we have other proposals ready in Ranco so that you can plan your summer from now:

Ascent to the Mirador volcano in Ranco: This getaway, in which children from the age of 12 can participate, contemplates the ascent to the crater of the Mirador volcano, one of the more than 60 eruptive centers that make up the Carrán – Los Venados volcanic group. Located in the middle of the native forest, southeast of Lake Ranco, you can see how the lava flow burst on one side and flowed into the valley, all framed in an incredible panoramic view (More information: https://bit .ly/3VH7Pf2).

Guided Hiking in Karülafken: On this personalized experience, a certified local guide will lead you on a trail deep into the temperate forest reserve rainy seasons of the Southern Andes, within the indigenous community Kusamkö (Aguas y Cerros) in the town of Calcurrupe Alto (Sendero de Los Brujos), between Lake Ranco (Agua de apuesta) and Lake Maihue (Jarrito to drink). You will have the chance to see waterfalls (Trayen or Traiquen), the Queñi range 2,242 meters high, wetlands and the Karülafken lagoon. (More information:

By bicycle to Los Mañíos in Ranco: The proposal of this adventure consists of getting to know Los Mañíos by bicycle, together with a local guide, through of a path that surrounds the lake until you reach the crossroads that go up to this area. Once there, we will enter a family agrotourism venture where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and walk along a path surrounded by native forest and waterfalls. (More information: