Plan your summer: We tell you everything you could do for 5 days in Puyehue, a "paradise" in southern Chile

Photos: Lakes and Volcanoes Route

Puyehue, as part of the Norpatagonia circuit, is one of the favorite areas of the Lakes and Volcanoes Route . It is "paradise", as its communal motto indicates, for those who seek to rest and live experiences surrounded by the nature of the "Valdivian forest", inhabited by foxes, pudúes and monitos del monte. In addition, its lakes and rivers shine thanks to their crystal clear waters, where you will find dozens of beaches to enjoy in summer.

If you are already planning your vacation, here we will tell you everything you could do in this area located to the northeast of the province of Osorno (Los Lagos Region), which has a variety of accommodations, restaurants, and services.

In Ruténica we have prepared these proposals for panoramas for 5 days in Puyehue, which you can enjoy as a couple, family or with groups of friends.

This program includes:

OPTION 2 PEOPLE: Check in double room at Lodge el Taique//
OPTION 4 PEOPLE: Check in at Cabañas Lodge el Taique

–Consumer coupon for $19. 000 in the case of 2 people and $29. 000 in the case of 4 people.
–Guided hiking in the Puyehue National Park: El Pionero to Laguna Espejo.
–Aguas Calientes outdoor pool.
–2-hour horseback riding along the Gol Gol river.
–Arborism in Anticura.
–Moncopulli automuseum tickets.
– Tickets Parque la Isla, Salto la Olla.
–Lunch at Quincho Tierra Sur.
–Bike rental in Interlaken 2 hours.
–Tickets to the Puyehue lake aquarium.

What else to do?

In addition to this proposal, in Puyehue there are many more activities available. These are panoramas directly related to the motivation offered by the wooded environment of the Puyehue National Park and the nautical pastimes that take place in the lake of the same name. For example, from the town you can drive west (towards Osorno) to visit the Auto Museum Moncopulli, which is only 25 km away . Founded in 1995, it is a journey into the past and exhibits, among other objects, the largest collection of Studebaker cars in South America.

Very close to Lake Puyehue are two important thermal centers, among them Termas de Aguas Calientes, which are located just before the access to the National Park. From there it is possible to organize trekking, bike rides, canopy tours and horseback riding. But you can also go to the much lesser known Rupanco Lake. Taking Route U-51 to the south, you will reach the bridge over the Rahue river, the lake's outlet. This entire sector has an excellent bike path.

The trip along the southern shore of the lake can continue along absolutely rural and lonely roads, only frequented by residents and visitors who have historically spent their summers in this place. The route goes through various points such as La Pellinada, a beach surrounded by native forest where there are fishing opportunities; the beautiful Laguna Bonita or the Piedras Negras sector, which has a hostel, beach and provisions.

Later on, towards the Puntiagudo volcano (2. 493 m), whose ascent is one of the most difficult in the region, you reach sectors such as the Peninsula and Playa El Islote. The tour ends in the sector known as Las Gaviotas, at the eastern end of the lake, where a group of families of former settlers have developed rural tourism activities.

As we said, the Puyehue National Park is a separate story. With 107. 000 hectares of evergreen forest, inside there are rivers, crystalline lagoons and active volcanoes, which can be accessed by different sectors. You can book one of those five days, to rgo horseback riding around its main river, called Golgol, which is offered by different tour operators in the area.

The park has two sectors: Aguas Calientes and Anticura. The first one is popular because there is the thermal center of the same name, from which five trails of different lengths begin that lead to five lagoons of great beauty: El Encanto, Toro, El Palmar, Paraíso and Bertín. The most famous is the one that goes in three hours to Lake Paraíso, one of the most beautiful in southern Chile.

Meanwhile, the Anticura sector, located at the eastern end of the National Park, is a veritable paradise for outdoor adventures. Managed by a private concessionaire, this sector has cabins, camping areas, a store, restaurants, and various excursions. From Anticura you can also take family walks through beautiful waterfalls, such as the one that goes to Salto del Indio or Salto de la Princesa, to ascents to volcanoes such as Puyehue (2. 240 m), climbing, kayaking and horseback riding.

We know, the alternatives are many for only five days. But this is Puyehue, a paradise that will never cease to amaze you. Here we share more proposals for you to live the different experiences that the area offers.

–Discover Puyehue and its native forests: This panorama includes entrance to the Isla Salto la Olla Park, which you can visit between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. There are 6.5 hectares of native forest, traveled since ancient times by the Mapuche culture. We can book a lunch at Quincho Tierra Sur Restaurant, at the time that suits you, where you can savor exquisite preparations with organic products from our own production. In addition, you will be able to visit the Lago Puyehue Aquarium and farm, the only freshwater one that exists in Chile. More details at this link: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/discover-puyehue-for-the-day.

–Day of connection with nature in Anticura: This guided experience includes techniques of connection with nature and stories of local culture within the framework of a day of interpretive hiking through different sectors of the tourist complex Anticura inserted in the Puyehue National Park. Includes portion of march and lunch. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/day-of-connection-with-nature-in-anticura.

-Termas Aguas Calientes Puyehue: If instead you are looking for a completely relaxing adventure, a visit to the indoor pool Termas Aguas Calientes in Puyehue is ideal for you. You will be able to recover your energy in these hot springs, which flow pure and crystal clear from the depths of the earth. More information at: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/entrances-pool-covered-thermas-aguas-calientes-puyehue.

-Aquarium and Lago Puyehue Farm: In this incredible theme park you will be able to visit the only freshwater aquarium that exists in Chile, where you will be able to admire the life that exists inside the lakes in its different stages developmental. You can also visit the educational farm, with mammals and birds for supply. With this panorama, it is impossible to get bored on vacation. More info: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/aquarium-lake-puyehue-aquarium-and-farm-1.