Plan your summer: Dare to discover Panguipulli with these panorama proposals for 5 days

Photos: Lakes and Volcanoes Route.

Within the Lakes and Volcanoes Route, Panguipulli is part of the Sietelagos circuit, which, as its name indicates, is structured around seven lakes of extraordinary beauty: Calafquén, Panguipulli , Riñihue, Pullinque, Pellaifa, Neltume and Pirihueico.

The landscape that surrounds these lakes is famous worldwide for the presence of exuberant Valdivian jungle forests. In addition, its main figure is the volcano Mocho Choshuenco, where you can carry out different activities both in winter and summer.

With a marked Mapuche cultural identity, a historical past linked to old logging ports and a great variety of thermal centers, this circuit has been developing as a new major tourist destination in southern Chile, thanks to natural attractions such as the Biological Reserve HuiloHuilo, an important center of biodiversity and endemism.

In the case of the Panguipulli spa, it has been consolidated as a summer alternative to the famous cities of Pucón and Villarrica, thanks to a tourist offer that invites you to rest but also to adventure, innovative Mapuche tourism experiences and the possibility of traveling some of the most spectacular scenic routes in southern Chile.

In the city itself there are several adventure options. For example, you can do various bicycle routes. For their part, kayakers also have ample possibilities: they can sail along the shores of the lake itself or, alternatively, set out to explore some of the seven lakes that make up the circuit.

From November to March, in addition, the seven lakes and more than 20 rivers that surround this commune -including the Enco or the Fuy- are also the setting for recreational fishing enthusiasts, who must have a license to practice it .

In the face of so much natural beauty and dreamlike landscapes, as the text of the Lagos y Volcanes Scenic Route guide describes, many visitors wonder what to do or where to start?

If you are already planning your vacation, at Ruténica we have prepared these proposals for panoramas for 5 days, which you can enjoy as a couple, family or with groups of friends.


Arrival: Fortin Mapuche Lunch plus Guided by Fortin (includes consumption coupon for $15. 000).

PM Activity: Eco Pellaifa Hot Springs / Located on the way to Liquiñe.
Dinner at Adkantu Restaurant in Coñaripe (includes consumption coupon for $10. 000).

STAY OPTION 1: Amukan Lodge.
STAY OPTION 2: Hotel 381 in Panguipulli.


Full day activity: Pellaifa Lake, kayaking and hiking in the Mili Mili waterfall (low difficulty) / Meeting in Coñaripe for the activity (from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.).
Dinner School Restaurant in Panguipulli.


Option 1:
AM Activity: SUP on Lake Panguipulli.
PM Activity: Enjoy a beach day at Playa Coz Coz.
PM Activity: Mapuche Astronomical Tour, includes a gourmet dinner with products of agroecological origin and sustainable gastronomy (begins at 8:00 p.m. Approx).

Option 2:
Full day activity: Ascent to the Mocho Choshuenco volcano, Medium - High difficulty (from 07:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.).


Full day activity: Huilo Huilo Photographic and observation tour with navigation on Lake Pirihueico, low difficulty (07:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. :00hrs).


Return Breakfast and Check out.
AM Activity: City tour of the Panguipulli area, low difficulty (approximately 2 hours).

In addition, we have these activities ready in Panguipulli for you to schedule and enjoy starting today:

City tour Panguipulli area: It consists of a tour of the beautiful surroundings of the city of Panguipulli, visiting emblematic, historical places, and impressive natural beauty such as the drainage of Lake Riñihue, the beautiful Chauquen beach, the Coz Coz wetland and beach, Pto Calafquen beach, the Panguipulli church, the Cultural House, the museum and the important Panguipulli pier, history and culture that marks the birth of the commune and the life of the Andean inhabitants from the Los Ríos region (https://bit. ly/3el7rCk).

Lodge in Panguipulli with a view of the Lake: This lodge located in the province of Valdivia has three cabins for 4 people and another for 2, with all the necessary equipment to only worry about resting and filling the body of pure air It has impressive views of Lake Panguipulli and the Villarrica and Mocho-Choshuenco volcanoes. In addition, it has a large terrace, barbecue, parking and green areas (https://bit. ly/3yA2xbn).

Ascent to the Mocho Choshuenco volcano: To ascend to the crater of the volcano (2422 masl), in the most beautiful of natural settings in Chile and safely, we will cross the Tumba del Buey glacier. As we ascend we will have a privileged view of 12 volcanoes from north to south and surrounded by 5 lakes, volcanoes among which Choshuenco is in the foreground (https://bit. ly/3Mv0aw7).

Riding in Huilo Huilo: It consists of a fun trip through the hills of Huilo Huilo, the magical forest, where you can enjoy all the incredible beauty of the Fuy River and Salto la Leona, as well as visiting red deer and wild boars to return along paths in the middle of the ancient forest of giant coihues (https://bit. ly/3ywXfxe).

Photographic and observation tour in the Mocho Choshuenco volcano reserve: The departures are from Panguipulli in a 4X4 vehicle covering a distance of 80 km. approx until the entrance of the reserve, reaching the trails and viewpoints of the reserve. On the way we will also be able to observe the beautiful Riñihue Lake and the Enco River from above in all its magnitude. Then we will walk the Afquintúe trail in the middle of a forest of ancient lengas; there from two viewpoints we can enjoy a magnificent view of the Choshuenco and Mocho Choshuenc volcanoes, as well as the cold high altitude forest. Then we return to the vehicle and we will visit the viewpoints of the volcanoes that are on the same route. We also include a visit to the Río Blanco waterfalls, which is a river of glacial origin that rises in the volcanic complex (https://bit. ly/3Tes6GP).

**Consult for other activities and number of people in our WhatsApp number.