Plan your summer: 5 days in Llanquihue, the jewel of the Lakes and Volcanoes Route

Photo credit: Rodrigo Hermosilla/ Route Lagos y Volcanoes.

The Lake Llanquihue circuit is considered the finishing touch of the Lagos & Volcanes Scenic Route. Visiting this lake, the second largest in Chile after General Carrera, in Aysén, implies going through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the south, under the shadow of the imposing Osorno, Calbuco, Puntiagudo and Tronador volcanoes, which do not stop reminding us of the wonderful of nature.

Among its great attractions there is also the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, the crystalline Petrohué River, Todos Los Santos Lake and the largest bike path in the country, which borders Lake Llanquihue, as explained in the Adventure Guide of the Lakes and Volcanoes Route.

But its cities also stand out, especially Puerto Varas, with a marked German influence and one of the cities with the greatest architectural identity in Chile; and Frutillar, which continues to win accolades for its energetic cultural offer, which has just earned it the title of UNESCO Creative City of Music.

With excellent tourist services, the area can be reached from different routes. If you come from the north, the most direct way is to arrive by Route 5 South. If you are following the Scenic Route, this circuit can be accessed from the city of Entre Lagos. Thus, the closest town on the route would be Puerto Octay, on the north shore of Lake Llanquihue.

Precisely, Puerto Octay has remained one of the last secrets of this spectacular lake area. Declared a Typical Zone in 2010, the old mansions from the German colonization era are very well preserved here, as well as old churches and small museums that rescue this heritage.

In Ruténica we have prepared a full experience of five days and with different activities so that you can get to know the circuit around Lake Llanquihue.

This program includes:

-4 nights at Hotel Frutillar
-Tasting at Cerveceria 860 - Llanquihue
-Guided Kayak tour: Appreciation of nature in Pto. Octay
-Consumption coupon $20. 000 for the program 2 people and $40. 000 for the program 4 people
-Hot tub overlooking Lake Llanquihue at sunset
-Walking Bird Watching, Wetlands Route - Llanquihue
-Catamaran ride on Lake Llanquihue
-Canopy in Las Cascadas
-Guided cultural walk with musical intervention in Frutillar.

In addition, we have other proposals ready in Llanquihue so that you can plan your summer from now on:

Guided cultural walk in Frutillar: We invite you to get to know Frutillar walking with the certified local guide Juan Roberto Aguirre. This experience seeks to reveal and publicize various aspects of local history, through a tour that includes a visit to various parts of the city. The guide will show you houses and temples of the typical area, highlighting the various manifestations of local heritage: living, architectural, and cultural heritage, among others (https://bit. ly/3Cu4Hub).

Catamaran ride on Lake Llanquihue: We set sail from the Frutillar Pier for a 45-minute tour while we tell you the history of the city of music and its natural environment. In this navigation you will be able to admire Frutillar and the 6 volcanoes that can be seen in the Andes Mountains while enjoying an unmissable cafeteria on board, among other surprises (https://bit. ly/3EGKMef).

Multi activity full day: bicycle and kayak by Maullín River. The adventure begins by bicycle in Puerto Varas, to head towards Llanquihue, a town where you can enjoy incredible views and landscapes with mountains and volcanoes. After a rich lunch, the journey continues with a kayak descent through the only outlet of Lake Llanquihue towards the sea, through the Maullín River (more details: https://bit. ly/3BprXKM).

Canopy in Las Cascadas: What would your children say to you if you told them “now children, today we are going to jump between the trees”? Well, that's what this getaway for the day consists of. With high-quality helmets, gloves, and pulley equipment, this canopy circuit, one of the three largest in South America, includes 14 platforms and 11 cables with a length of 2. 000 meters, for which you can even reach a speed of 45 K/M per hour (more information: https://bit. ly/3D3p97a).

Massage in front of the Lake: Come and enjoy a unique experience in front of Lake Llanquihue. Eliminate the tensions and stress caused by the current pace of life and give yourself that necessary space to relax with our decontracting and relaxation massages (https://bit. ly/3ECHGbi).