Autumn begins on the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route: An ideal date to visit its tourist destinations and contemplate the colors of nature

The autumn season, which officially started on March 20, is one of the favorites for those who know the most about the destinations of the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route.

At this time of year, walking through the National Parks and their forests dyed with colors, to photograph them or simply contemplate them, is a unique spectacle, which allows you to experience a deep connection with nature.

The manager of the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route, Rodrigo Moreno, has highlighted that photography tourism, in these months, has been increasing and there are several options to acquire a tour with specialist guides on the matter: "The Conguillío, Villarrica, Huerquehue, Puyehue or Vicente Pérez Rosales National Parks are ideal places to enjoy the landscape in a more leisurely and silent way, where you can appreciate a diversity of colors in species such as lengas that stand out for their its yellow color, ñirres for its orange or oak trees and raulíes for its red”.

In addition, remember that "the route has 61% of the thermal waters of Chile, distributed in the three regions it covers, La Araucanía, Los Lagos and Los Ríos, which makes it ideal for those who practice health tourism or wellness. But there are also ski centers on natural snow slopes, accommodation of all kinds and for all tastes, water sports, arborism, trekking through waterfalls, volcanoes, and many more activities”.

As you can see, the autumn season is a unique opportunity for you to discover the best destinations to appreciate this spectacle of nature. At Ruténica we have selected these proposals and panoramas so that you can enjoy these destinations in a group, as a couple, alone or alone. Take the cell phone, contact us by What'sapp and build your panorama with us.


Floating in Río Fuy – Panguipulli: For the whole family, especially for the little ones, who will live an unforgettable moment on a raft. Family Floating is the same concept as Rafting, but with a lower level of difficulty. If you want more information…enter https://bit. ly/3W5nLqt.

Kayaking and Trekking in Lake Pellaifa: In this adventure you will be able to access the attractive Mili Mili waterfall, the native flora, panoramic views of Lake Pellaifa and the Villarrica volcano, Cerro Pellaifa national reserve, bird watching, sunken forest and lake beaches. Here children over 6 years old must be accompanied by their parents or an adult who has the permission or authorization of the parents. The adventure leaves at 10:30 AM. For more details enter here https://abortar. link/nyQPL7.

Rafting in Río Fuy – Choshuenco: If you are looking for a good moment of adrenaline, we invite you to do this program. The start of the activity is at our Weñe Aventuras base, fully equipped to prioritize good service and customer comfort. The facilities have individual shrimp, so you never change clothes in inappropriate places, we also have bathrooms and free parking. More details here https://abortar. link/E0WyT4


Rafting in Río Bueno: It all begins with a gentle trekking of 600 meters to the beginning of the river, where you will be awaited by the guides and the rafts. After a 10-minute talk, the adventure begins through the crystalline waters of the Bueno River, classified as Class III, medium level, ideal for those who are new to this activity. The Expedition faces Class 2 and 3 Rapids, along the way various activities are carried out such as: Swimming a class 2 rapid, jumping from various heights to the river bed, there is also a visit to a waterfall. You want to know more? Click here: https://shorten. link/oQhBv7.

By bicycle through Los Mañíos: Connect with nature with this invitation, take advantage of exercising your body and fill it with the best Andean air. The activity begins at the workshop in Lago Ranco, where you will be given a bicycle and the guide will explain the experience that is to come. Then, the adventure begins, which includes an agrotourism venture where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and walk along a path surrounded by native forest and waterfalls. Further? Click on it: https://shorten. link/8Tgia2.

Climb to Sulfurras del Cordón Caulle: An excursion that begins with a 4x4 climb, through forests of Coihues, Mañíos and Patagonian Lenga, among other species, reaching the living volcanic formations of Sulfurras, where You will be able to see its vapors, colors and muddy water outlets with the predominant ash of the place, giving a unique contrast of colors, smells and temperatures. More details here: https://short. link/WpYF9Z.


Rafting in the Petrohué River: With a duration of half a day, this adventure can be done from Monday to Sunday, leaving from Puerto Varas or Ensenada. The minimum age for this activity is 10 years and includes the use of Aire brand rafts, suits, jackets and neoprene boots, approved life jackets and helmets, snack. More data? Enter here: https://abortar. link/vkltr4.

Kayaking for half a day in Puerto Varas: It is a perfect activity to entertain the whole family during your stay in Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt. A quiet and very interesting paddling for boys and girls to enter the exciting world of adventure water sports. Once we are en route, we have two options depending on the weather conditions: rowing through a calm area of ​​Lake Llanquihue, near our Base in Ensenada, or rowing through Laguna la Poza. You choose. Enter here to learn more https://abortar. link/c0n4hh.

Navigation on the Maullín River: During the tour, you disembark to visit different places on the river coast with trails through nature. On the trails you can appreciate the rich diversity of vegetation, as well as a hidden spring and the Chucao spring. All this experience is enriched by family histories that account for the deep knowledge acquired over the years in intimate contact with the River. More details here: https://short. link/QlnSQK.


Horseback riding along the Gol Gol River: Here the adventure consists of a two-hour horseback ride through open pampas (1 km) and then native forest (1 km) to visit the Salto del Indio, then They travel another 2 km through the forest on the banks of the Gol Gol river, until they reach the Repucura waterfall. Later we visit Salto Colorado and Velo de La Novia. Here are some pictures of the wonderful views. Other beauties to visit are Salto Torrentino and Salto Truful, which is 1.5 km upriver. Do you want to know more right? Here is the place: https://short. link/VL3MjZ.

Guided trekking in the Puyehue National Park: The route of almost 3 kilometers takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in total. The trails "El Pionero" and "Laguna Espejo" are part of the adventure. Its level of difficulty is intermediate and it leads first to the Mirador del Pionero from where you can see Lake Puyehue, the Chanleufu River and the entire area of ​​Aguas Calientes. Later the road will take you to enjoy the always beautiful Laguna Espejo, which shows us a large number of white and pink lotus flowers. More details here: https://shorten. link/XvqiEf.

Arborism in Anticura: We invite you to live this family adventure within the beauty of the Valdivian Forest of the Puyehue National Park. This arborism activity consists of a route many meters above the ground where you will go through 8 platforms to enjoy different games through the treetops such as suspension bridges, Tibetan bridge, climbing wall, canopy, among others. What better? Click here to find out more: https://abortar. link/Ov9cb3.