Autumn has already arrived and in Ruténica we have the best hiking trails to appreciate this season of the year in the forest of the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route

Southern Chile is known worldwide for its natural beauty, for its tranquility, the wonderful views, waterfalls, lakes, with natural viewpoints to practice photography or bird watching.

You can get to all these experiences in different ways, but the most preferred is hiking or trekking, due to the proximity to nature that this activity implies.

Dry leaves on the ground, the smell of humidity from the depths of the Valdivian Forest and natural views are part of the experiences that will fill your senses this fall with this activity.

And precisely, this is what we have for you, your friends and family on the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route, where you can find the best trails to live beautiful moments, with the best places to stay and not only that, but also enjoy the exquisite southern gastronomy.

With the varied offer that we have, we hope that you come and choose the proposal that you like the most and that best suits your needs. In Ruténica we are sure that you will find what you are looking for to know that path that you will carry for years in your mind, and to which you will surely return.

Here we will leave you some proposals for you to do the best hiking to appreciate autumn in the depths of the forest.


–Trekking El Solitario, Red Crater, Petrohué Falls, Esmeralda Lake: With a duration of between 8 to 9 hours, with an intermediate difficulty, this activity includes a walk to the so-called “red crater” which has an exquisite view of the entire Los Lagos Region. Then the second stage begins on the "El Solitario" trail, where you will walk among hundred-year-old trees, lichens, ferns and magnificent views. You want to know more? Enter here: https://abortar. link/p4rFDK.

–Walking with goats in Purranque: In a walk that lasts about two hours, this guided walk will take you to a place where you can closely observe how the goats are milked, give them food, accompany them to the prairies and take care of them like a shepherd. For more details, click here: https://abortar. link/7NbGCK.

–Desolación Trekking-Todos los Santos Lake: After arriving by vehicle to the “Desolación Trail”, the walk will begin in the shade among hazelnut trees, myrtle trees as well as magnificent views of the Osorno volcano. The terrain where we will walk is currently ash from the last eruption of the Calbuco volcano (April 22, 2015), which has perhaps made this hike a little more demanding. Do you want to know more?: https://abortar. link/XalArO.


–Magic Waterfall Hiking: The adventure begins at 11:00 a.m., on the “Sendero Deleite del Bosque”, to reach the mythical “Magic Waterfall”, which according to legend, is about naughty goblins hide their treasure. Do you lack south? You will find it here: https://shorten. link/6fR620.

–Guided hiking in Karülafken: With an intermediate difficulty and a duration of five hours, this guided walk will take you to a magical environment surrounded by beautiful landscapes of the Calcurrupe sector, in Lago Ranco. You will find more background here: https://short. link/FwSgL6.

–Cerro Pico Toribio Trekking: This guided hiking activity lasts 10 hours and has a difficult difficulty, inviting you to have a maximum connection with the Temperate Rain Forest and its incredible biodiversity. Here all the details and contact information: https://abortar. link/gikE9a.


–Enjoy the Valdivian Forest in Puyehue for the day: Anticura is a beautiful country place, which takes you to rest where you will deeply feel the forest. This guided hike invites you to disconnect from the routine and awaken your senses far from the city, with an activity that lasts six hours and with intermediate difficulty. Do you want the contact? Click here: https://shorten. link/qDVSea.

–Guided hiking in the Puyehue National Park: There are three hours of hiking with an intermediate difficulty that will take you along the “Sendero El Pionero” until you reach the beautiful “Laguna Espejo”. Did you like the idea? If so, take your stick, your clothes and trekking shoes and go on an adventure. Enter here: https://abortar. link/lsMqTi.

–Guided visit to the Anticura Falls: Come and discover the incredible waterfalls of the Gol Gol River, at Piedra del Sol. On the journey, you will be able to visit the Anticura sector of the Puyehue National Park, which has a large native forest (Valdivian forest) discovering the different species of flora and fauna of the place. Did it stain you?: https://acortar. link/qcafEM.


–Trekking Sunset: There are 5.5 hours that begin with the delivery of the equipment and a technical safety talk. Then the activity continues in the Coihueco sector, 15 km from Panguipulli. There a path of native trees and wild vegetation awaits you, which is surrounded by sounds of the fauna and nature of the place. For more details enter here: https://abortar. link/X2775R.

Villarrica National Park, hiking and Fortín Mapuche: Flora and fauna of Villarrica National Park, bird watching, Araucaria forests, panoramic views of Calafquén, Villarrica, Pullinque and Huilipilún lakes and Mapuche ruca. What better? Click here: https://abortar. link/gc17hI.

Full day Parque Linoico with three activities: This activity begins with a 4x4 ascent tour, once in the park there is a trekking trail with minimal intervention, guided with interpretation of native flora and fauna and visiting 2 main waterfalls. Then you can choose between an instructive guided or canopy ride that consists of an initial 80-meter zip line and then a second 400-meter zip line that crosses the Linoico River valley. Do you want to know how it ends?: https://short. link/hdtvTy