On Father's Day give an experience in Ruténica.cl

What kind of father is your father? Adventurous? Thoughtful? Are you one of those who like to hike through lakes and volcanoes in Ranco; pedaling, spending the night under the stars, rowing on the Calcurrupe river; or fish in Lake Puyehue?

In Ruténica you will find experiences and tourist packages for all tastes. We share these proposals for you to celebrate your father on his day in an entertaining way and connected with nature.

To renew and regain strength, our Weekend Getaways are unmissable.

The plan “Get energized in Puyehue” includes packages for 2 to 4 people. Your father will be able to venture through the Puyehue Mountain Range with activities that will allow him and his companions to disconnect from the routine and fill themselves with energy. After lodging and having breakfast in Anticura cabins, he will be able to trek through the trails of the Puyehue National Park and contemplate various waterfalls. He will also be able to ride for 2 hours around the Golgol river, visit the Indian waterfall, the red waterfall and the Bride's Veil, in other varied activities.

If you like to appreciate the beauty of the volcanoes and waterfalls in Ranco, another great option is to take the package we have at Camping El Descanso. Contemplate the ascent to the Mirador volcano with a local guide, who will allow you to connect with nature in this magical destination.

For more adventures, the 3-day guided excursion to the Mapuche-Huilliche thermal baths inserted in the Valdivian Forest, next to the Forest Biosphere Reserve is ideal Temperate Rainy of the Southern Andes. To access this area, it is necessary to travel a path of approximately 5 kilometers long, traveled since ancient times to cure illnesses, relax or heal battle wounds.

We also have panoramas for the day or for half a day: fishing, days of rest in the countryside, kayaking down the Calcurrupe river, tree climbing, horseback riding, walks with goats, visits to museums, restaurants and coffee, relaxation massage in front of the lake and many, many alternatives to rest in lodgings in Puyehue, Ranco and Llanquihue, which will make the celebration of this Father's Day very special.

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