Lamb on a stick, ancestral dishes or German desserts?: These gastronomic data from the Lakes and Volcanoes Route will surprise you on National Holidays

The National Holidays are synonymous with traditions, relaxation and fun. And, of course, they are the perfect opportunity to try those typical dishes that have marked our lives again or to venture out with new flavors.

The wide gastronomic offer is precisely one of the great attractions of the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route. The different circuits that make it up stand out for combining Creole, Colona and Mapuche food and drinks. In addition, the more than 2,000 kilometers of roads that connect its 21 communes allow travelers to meet ancestral peoples and traditional festivals that give it a unique cultural and culinary identity.

For example, in the Siete Lagos Circuit, Panguipulli has very good restaurants serving international, Chilean, fusion and vegetarian cuisine. Wheat and hazelnut coffee is also made in the area, as well as catutos and a tasty horse soup.

The Lake Ranco Circuit, meanwhile, is excellent for salmon and trout fishing, which is why both species are common on the menu of restaurants and hotels. And in the Norpatagonia Circuit, in Puyehue, the gastronomy includes salmon and trout together with a wide variety of red fruits, jams and mistelas. To this we must add an excellent pastry of German tradition. As in Puerto Octay, Frutillar and Puerto Varas (Llanquihue Lake Circuit), where kuchenes, cakes, pastries and strudel are part of the overwhelming German and southern elevens that are served with kneaded bread, cheeses and cured meats from the area, according to data from the Gastronomic Guide of the route launched in 2020.

In Cochamó, on the other hand, the food has a strong link with the Patagonian and Chilota tradition, with lamb on stick being the specialty. Curantos and pulmay also appear throughout this circuit.

However, there are also options for those looking to get away from the typical gastronomy of these dates. The El Taique menu is an example of this, explains Mickael Drahy, French chef at this restaurant and lodge. “The gastronomic offer that we have is very different from what you could find in other places that are a little more traditional. We offer international gastronomy, which we can adapt to the taste of the person”, he points out.

In its current menu, El Taique offers appetizers of shrimp omelettes with merkén, main dishes such as Andean tuna seared with a quinoa crust, deer fillet with mushroom sauce. And among its additions are the New World gratin (quinoa, zucchini, tomatoes and onions) and homemade or spicy purée (https://bit. ly/3e8d3iL).

In order not to get lost among so much variety, at Ruténica we have selected these gastronomic proposals to be “tiqui taca” on National Holidays.

In the Puyehue Basin, a must-see is spending a Field Day at Quincho Tierra Sur. The proposal, as indicated by its name, is to enjoy a country buffet with exquisite preparations with organic products from our own production. The service includes salads, natural raspberry juices, strawberries or currants; roast lamb on a stick or corn cake, among a long list of tastings. In addition, you can tour the orchard and nursery, rest on the swings and hammocks with an incredible view of the Osorno volcano. And all at a very affordable price (more information: https://bit. ly/3TBrUCC).

In the Ranco basin several alternatives stand out. You can purchase coupons for the restaurant La Finca del Ranco, known for its strong barbecue and southern elevenses, all 100% homemade. The latter include bread, homemade cookies, kuchen, jams, dulce de leche, ham, cheese, all accompanied by tea, hot chocolate, submarine, cappuccino, latte, among many other delicious things. "In addition, in these National Holidays the atmosphere will be lively with local artists," says Boris Pérez, manager of the Estate (prices and how to get there: https://bit. ly/3R1sxU3).

Another alternative is Café del Bosque, a bar-restaurant with views of Lake Ranco and its forests. Its menu includes Valdivian crudos, homemade hamburgers, grilled trout and entrails, locos with green sauce, ceviche and Parmigiana sauce. And if you are still not tempted, when you buy your coupon in Rutenica we give you a glass of beer as a gift (https://bit. ly/3CIz3uU).

If you are one of those who has a weakness for coffee, gourmet tastings, homemade honey and jams, or local pastries, with these coupons you can spend $5. 000/ $15. 000/$25. 000 in the different products offered at El Gato en Bicicleta. The hosts will give you a complimentary American, espresso or cappuccino specialty coffee from the Peregrino brand (https://bit. ly/3R5cKDR).

And if your destination points to the Llanquihue basin, the lunches at the Espantapájaros restaurant will leave you wanting to continue celebrating. Asado al palo, salads from organic gardens, milk desserts with seasonal fruits and a cafeteria in honor of the native peoples, are part of its menu (acquire coupons at this link https://bit. ly/3CBV6mR).