Kayak, trekking, horseback riding or thermal baths? Surprise your partner and give them unique Ruténica experiences this Christmas

What type of partner is your partner? Do you like adventures? Cycling through the hills? Walk through the woods? Paddling on calm water lakes? Or do you prefer to try gastronomic delights and then relax in thermal baths? If you can already imagine what he likes, surprise him this Christmas by giving him some of the unique experiences we have in Ruthenica.

The destinations of our associated providers on the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route are ideal for a romantic getaway. Or to live an experience with nature as the great protagonist. We share these proposals to "escape" from the city or to extend your stay thinking about the next summer vacation. Choose the one that best suits your partner.

For romantics

Enjoy the Puyehue Paradise: It is the shortest and narrowest circuit of the Lakes & Volcanoes Scenic Route. It has the Puyehue National Park and the lake of the same name as its main stars. Around them are concentrated the main tourist offers in the area, which include thermal complexes, ski resorts, exuberant evergreen forests, recently active volcanoes –such as the Puyehue-Cordón del Caulle complex– and notable trekking trails, classified within the wildest in Chile. You can discover and enjoy all of this with this pack that includes alternatives for two people. There are 5 days and 4 nights in which you can rest in a double room at Lodge el Taique, try gastronomic delights, go on a guided hike in the National Park from El Pionero to Laguna Espejo; try the outdoor pool of Aguas Calientes and go on a 2-hour horseback ride along the Gol Gol river, among many other adventures (more information: https://bit. ly/3VCzjSJ).

Venture in Puerto Octay: With this panorama you can live an entertaining experience in the community of Puerto Octay, which includes a dream accommodation in Zapato Amarillo. In addition, you have the possibility of doing various activities, such as canopy between native trees in Las Cascadas (in one of the three largest circuits in South America, located 40 minutes from the accommodation), where you can also walk a free trail on the outskirts of the same town. (More information: https://bit. ly/3FDagZZ).

Outdoor getaways

Day of connection with nature in Anticura: It is the opportunity to do interpretive hiking through different paths of the Anticura tourist complex, inserted in the Puyehue National Park, such as: the Salto del indio, Salto Repucura , Salto La Princesa, Salto de Los novios, Salto El Pudú, Mirador "El puma", a place where we can appreciate the imposing Puyehue volcano and the valley of the Gol-gol river. This guided experience includes nature connection techniques and stories from the local culture. Includes a portion of the march and lunch (more info: https://bit. ly/3Bh3Z31).

Ascent to the Mirador volcano in Ranco: This excursion contemplates the ascent to the crater of the Mirador volcano, one of the more than 60 eruptive centers that make up the Carrán-Los Venados volcanic group. Located in the middle of the native forest, southeast of Lake Ranco, you can see how the lava flow burst on one side and flowed into the valley, all framed in an incredible panoramic view (More information: https://bit . ly/3BiJO5q).

Total relaxation

Magic Waterfall Hiking (Ranco Lake Basin): Its name says it all. Before reaching the destination, you must travel 2 kilometers of forest in the middle of nature. The effort is worth it, since the prize is to contemplate this beautiful wonder of nature, full of positive energy that radiates to those who visit it (more information: https://bit. ly/3PdtOrk).

Termas Aguas Calientes Puyehue: If instead you are looking for a completely relaxing adventure, a visit to the indoor pool Termas Aguas Calientes in Puyehue is ideal for you. You can recover your energy in these hot springs, which flow pure and crystalline from the depths of the earth (More information: https://bit. ly/3iRjYyY).

Southern cuisine

Field Day in Quincho Tierra Sur: Would you like to show the children what picnics outside the city are like? With this panorama you will be able to savor exquisite country buffet preparations, with organic products of our own production, in addition to touring the orchard and nursery; rest on the swings and hammocks, always accompanied by the incredible view of the Osorno volcano and Rupanco Lake. All in a warm family atmosphere that will make you feel at home and experience the magic of Puyehue, in the Los Lagos Region (More information: https://bit. ly/3qBKa1i).

Another alternative is Café del Bosque, a bar-restaurant with views of Lake Ranco and its forests. Their menu includes Valdivian crudos, homemade hamburgers, grilled trout and entrails, locos with green sauce, ceviche and Parmigiana sauce. And if you are still not tempted, when you buy your coupon in Rutenica we give you a glass of beer as a gift (https://bit. ly/3CIz3uU).

La Finca del Ranco Restaurant: Several alternatives stand out in the Ranco basin. You can buy coupons for the restaurant La Finca del Ranco, known for its strong barbecue and southern elevens, all 100% homemade. The latter include bread, homemade cookies, kuchen, jams, dulce de leche, ham, cheese, all accompanied by tea, hot chocolate, submarine, cappuccino, latte, among many other delicious things (prices and how to get there: https ://bit. ly/3R1sxU3).

Visit to the Fundo Los Chilcos Mill Museum in Ranco: This museum allows you to go through 100 years of history about the production and maquila process of flour. You will be able to observe the operation of each of the machines in the flour production process and experience how the force of the water allows a complete factory to start up. Located on the banks of the Ralitrán River, it has a dam that allows channeling the energy of the water that makes the mill work. Inside, there is also a cafeteria with delicacies from artisan pastry chefs from the area. (More information: https://bit. ly/3Hpavt4).