Hot springs and snow in Rutenica: renewing energy and connecting with nature is closer than you think

Imagine that the steam surrounds you while your body is renewed with the thermal waters that flow pure and crystalline from the bottom of the land of Puyehue. And if you have never been to the snow or want to repeat the experience, imagine that you can also enjoy a day skiing in Antillanca.

Now you are just one click away from making it a reality, because at we have designed a pack that will allow you to live a complete experience with skiing and hot springs, especially made to share with the family. It is an invitation to enjoy a day of skiing in Antillanca and a day of relaxation and connection in Termas Aguas Calientes.

You will see that connecting with nature is easier and more accessible than you think with this complete pack for 2, 3 or 4 people. It is an unmissable all-in-one! Getting to these destinations is also very easy. In this link you will find more information about this panorama:

But that's not all. If you prefer to live these experiences separately, we also have that option in Rutenica. Through our portal you can buy tickets for both the indoor and outdoor pools at Termas Aguas Calientes.

A session in these hot springs, in the middle of nature, generates thousands of sensations, with aromas and flavors typical of the minerals of the area, which guarantee rest, oxygenation and the reactivation of all your senses.

And if you just want to ski, we have tickets for the day to enjoy this sport in Antillanca. It is the ideal place for families who want to start skiing in a safe environment. Likewise, it is an excellent place for those expert skiers who wish to test their skills in virgin snow and on slopes of great difficulty.
The adventure is guaranteed, since in the ascent to the summit you can discover a postcard that includes the Osorno volcano, Puntiagudo, Lake Puyehue and Cerro Sarnoso. More information:
The invitation is to live these experiences to renew and fill your lungs with fresh air, away from the stress of the city and daily worries.
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