Celebrate Mother's Day with these unmissable free panoramas offered by the Lakes and Volcanoes Route

May has started and one of the most significant celebrations of the year is already looming on the horizon: Mother's Day. And this time you can celebrate it in a different way, outdoors and surrounded by the beautiful nature of southern Chile. And the best thing is that you don't need to spend big.

It is not always known that the destinations of the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route are within everyone's reach, since the different basins that make it up have local attractions for which it is not necessary to spend money to enjoy them. You just have to enter adventure mode with your mother and find the way to reach these destinations. You will spend a wonderful day that you will remember for a long time.

In Ruténica we have selected these free panoramas by basin so that you can choose the one that best suits you due to proximity and time to enjoy with your family or alone with your mother on her day.

PANGUIPULLI (Los Ríos Region)

Mocho Choshuenco National Reserve: In winter and spring it is possible to visit the ever-living snow of this reserve that has a high natural value characterized by the presence of Valdivian jungle forests, recently built trails and viewpoints as well of the glaciers and ancient ice that can be visited even in summer. Safety pin.

Coñaripe: This beach of the same name, the largest in the commune and which concentrates a large tourist flow during the summer period, is the starting point to visit an area of ​​great geothermal activity, with more than 13 thermal centers, as well as several hot water springs. In addition, you will be very close to the Villarrica Sur National Park, where it is possible to carry out mountain activities such as trekking, ski randonee, snowshoeing and mountain biking, among other activities.

Puerto Fuy: This sector has a great scenic beauty characterized by its lake edge, views of the Mocho Choshuenco volcanic complex and the presence of snow during the winter period. In summer and on some occasions during the other seasons of the year, it is also possible to visit the Customs Fair of Puerto Fuy which has a wide variety of cuisine, craft beer and local crafts, all very close to the Passenger Terminal. You just have to arrive and contemplate the landscape. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/pages/panguipulli-1

LAGO RANCO (Los Ríos Region)

Huapi Island: It is the largest of the thirteen islands of Lake Ranco. Inhabited by just over 600 people, 90% of whom are Mapuche and Huilliche, reaching its shores is an excellent opportunity to soak up the local culture. The island is accessed by means of a municipal barge that makes scheduled trips from Puerto Futrono. Its main walks include the local cemetery, the Witch Stone, Weichafe Caves and Treng-Treng Hill. You will not spend a lot of money and you will have an amazing time.

Salto Pichi Ignao: Located in the Lago Ranco commune, 55 kilometers from Futrono, it is made up of a set of waterfalls that captivate for their beauty. The sensation of being surrounded by vegetation of native species, such as the Notro, Coigüe and Arrayán, is an additional component that crowns the adventure of discovering this gift of nature. In addition, the sector has excellent interpretive trails and viewpoints where you can make a stop along the way, which is ideal for a picnic.

La Pisada del Diablo: Among the sites of high tourist interest in the region are those that make up La Piedra Mesa, La Pisada del Diablo, Areanal beach, Lapi port ferry and Nilahue waterfall . With highly accessible trails, this entire natural complex is within reach for all types of adventurers. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/pages/ranco-1

LAKE LLANQUIHUE (Los Lagos Region)

Princess Licarayén: This sculpture located in La Puntilla, in Puerto Varas, inspired by the Mapuche legend of the same name, is one of the main tourist attractions of the commune. It is ideal to see a panorama for the day on this significant date and learn more about the tragic history that inspired its creation.

Salto Las Cascadas: Located 53 kilometers from Puerto Octay is this famous natural waterfall almost 50 meters high. To reach it, it is necessary to follow a path in the middle of exuberant vegetation. Along the way, it is also possible to see numerous other waterfalls that seem to sprout from the rock like delicate threads of water. Ideal for a one day adventure. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/pages/llanquihue-1.