Flowers for this February 14? Better give him a surprise, escape together to the lakes in the south of the country and live romantic moments

Have you already thought about what you will do this February 14 with your partner? A romantic evening, chocolates, flowers? And why not something different? Why not a getaway to the south of the country, to wonderful and natural places, with beautiful sunsets and delicious food?

Because today's couples do not live by candlelight evenings alone. There are other adventurous options, but also romantic ones. And that is what we offer in this proposal.

Trekking, kayaking, hot springs, seeing the stars under a sky clear of atmospheric and light pollution, are just some of the good activities with which you can surprise your partner on Valentine's Day 2023. And where do you find them? Here in Ruthenica.

The proposals include everything from romantic kayak rides at sunset along the edge of the lakes, a photographic set, to a Mapuche astronomical tour. Added to this is enjoying a hot tub with a view of lakes, hiking, rafting, swimming pools and visits to a museum with your partner. And all with the highest security measures. All this in the Ranco, Panguipulli, Puyehue and Llanquihue lakes.

To the adventure is added the rich gastronomy that includes tasty pieces of the famous southern kuchen, hot chocolate and the most exquisite dishes from the restaurants that are part of this different proposal for Valentine's Day. Did we convince you? If so, then we invite you to see our letter of destinations that we have prepared for you and your partner on this special day. Los Ríos Region or Los Lagos Region? You choose.

Los Ríos Region

Fall in love with Nature for the Day in Panguipulli: Here you can access three full hours of horseback riding through the most beautiful and remote places, which are located on the shores of this beautiful lake. In addition, to enjoy the best gastronomy. (https://bit. ly/3JH2nFg).

Fall in love with the Adventure in Lago Ranco: The proposal is for the adrenaline. A fast rafting through one of the most beautiful places in southern Chile, added to a visit to a Fundo Los Chilcos museum and excellent food at the Restaurant "Trucha's Fundo los Chilcos". (https://bit. ly/3jpmFZq).

Valentine's Day in Panguipulli: Imagine a romantic sunset while you walk through the most beautiful places in the lake sector of this beautiful commune. In two days, you can also experience a wonderful Mapuche Astronomical Tour in situ and on the following day, an adrenaline-pumping Eco Canopy. (https://bit. ly/3Dy6XBW).

Panguipulli Adventurer: Kayaking, hiking and climbing the Mocho Choshuenco volcano, are part of this proposal, which has the aforementioned massif as its main figure. With a marked Mapuche cultural identity, a historical past linked to old logging ports and a great variety of thermal centers, this region has also been developing as a new major tourist destination in southern Chile, thanks to natural attractions such as the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve. , an important center of biodiversity and endemism. (https://bit. ly/3XYgLgK).

Ranco Extremo: This lake is the third largest in Chile and going around it completely is certainly a memorable adventure. There are 5 days and 4 nights in which you will be able to discover some of the most exclusive lake resorts in the country, beautiful cattle fields, exuberant Valdivian jungle forests, cliffs and viewpoints towards islands, waterfalls and snow-capped mountains. (https://bit. ly/3jsbr6n).

Futrono Experience, between majestic forests and lakes: Here they will have the option of adding more people or their children, since there is the possibility of going with two or four visitors. The proposal includes four days in which you will be able to enjoy a float down the Calcurrupe river, an afternoon with a jar and hiking. (https://bit. ly/3JB44US).

Volcanoes and waterfalls in Ranco: A full weekend for the two of you to enjoy hiking and connecting with nature in this magical destination. They will be able to know and enjoy the crystalline waters of the Nilahue, Riñinahue and Pichi Ignao waterfalls. Added to this is a repairing and relaxing tub with hot water and an eleven with a beautiful view of Lake Ranco. (https://bit. ly/40jABVj).

Los Lagos Region

Fall in love in Puyehue: One night and two days of romantic settings is what Hostería Entre Lagos offers, which has already prepared a double room for you and your partner. The intention is for you to relax in the exquisite hot springs of Termas de Aguas Calientes de Puyehue. (https://bit. ly/3WVniHF).

Fall in love in Frutillar: A bottle of Champagne is what awaits you at the Hotel Amadeus in Frutillar, where you can stay in a double room and enjoy a rich and refreshing hot tub overlooking the Llanquihue lake. Can you imagine there? (https://bit. ly/3RmypZj).

Sunset Kayak on Lake Llanquihue: Here are three hours of a kayak trip through the wonderful landscapes of Lake Llanquihue, from which you can see the Osorno volcano. The idea is to leave from the beautiful community of Puerto Octay and contemplate a sunset like no other, where a guide will tell the history of the town, its cultural heritage and its beautiful environment of native flora and fauna. They are given binoculars and all security elements, as well as a photographic and audiovisual record of the entire tour. (https://bit. ly/3Yf4OTF).

Enjoy the Puyehue Paradise: In five days and four nights, the offer is that you live an unforgettable experience in this area that has the Puyehue National Park and the lake of the same name as great stars. Around them are concentrated the main tourist offers in the area, which include thermal complexes, ski resorts, exuberant evergreen forests, recently active volcanoes - such as the Puyehue-Cordón del Caulle complex and notable trekking trails, classified within the wildest in Chile (https://bit. ly/3wLJEko).

Full Llanquihue Lake Experience: This is the second largest lake in Chile and the invitation is to learn its secrets on a tour that crosses some of the most beautiful landscapes in the south, under the shade of imposing volcanoes Osorno, Calbuco, Puntiagudo and Tronador, among the great attractions are the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, the crystalline Petrohué river, and Todos Los Santos lake. (https://bit. ly/3wOC6gF).

Discover Panguipulli: A City Tour around the city, hiking, kayaking, a day at the beach and a photographic and observational tour of Huilo Huilo, which includes sailing on Lake Pirihueico, is what awaits you in this proposal. Added to this is the exuberant beauty of the Valdivian Forest. (https://bit. ly/3wSZFow).

Two-night getaway at Lodge Las Cascadas: A fully equipped cabin is what awaits you at this resort located next to Lake Llanquihue. There you can enjoy a table and welcome drink, breakfast, outdoor hot tub (hot tub), indoor pool heated by solar panels at 20°C, hydromassage tub, sauna, exercise room, kayak, bicycles, treetop circuit, among other excellent features. (https://bit. ly/3jhN6QR).

Adventure in Puyehue: In this getaway you can venture into the Puyehue Mountain Range and enjoy a weekend with activities that will allow you to disconnect from routine and fill yourself with energy. Trekking, horseback riding and arborism with part of the offer, which also includes a tour through the forest on the banks of the Golgol River, until we reach the Salto de Repucura, then we will visit the Salto Colorado and Velo de la Novia. Also a route many meters above the ground where you will go through 8 platforms to enjoy different games through the treetops such as suspension bridges, Tibetan bridge, climbing wall, Canopy, among others. (https://bit. ly/3HPRGiv).

Rest away from the city, in Puerto Octay: A weekend of total disconnection for you. The idea is to rest in the rural sector of Puerto Octay, in a cabin surrounded by nature. There they will be able to learn how to work with the goats in the field. Southern breakfasts, walks, canopy, kayak and fishing, is what awaits you in this proposal. (https://bit. ly/3Y28vwj).

Weekend getaway, adventure in Puyehue: Adventure with your partner in the Puyehue Mountain Range and enjoy a weekend with activities that will allow you to disconnect from routine and fill yourself with energy. The proposal is trekking to see various waterfalls and a beautiful viewpoint of the area. Do they know how to ride? because they can do it in the open pampa and then through native forest to visit Salto del Indio. Go through the forest on the banks of the Gol Gol river, until you reach the Salto de Repucura. Did you like the idea? (https://bit. ly/3DAOpRw).