Channel 13 learned about the gastronomic proposal of Ruténica

Channel 13 included the gastronomic panoramas of Ruténica in its special reports on winter holidays. A press team from the newscast traveled to Puerto Octay, on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, to see the restaurant El Espantapájaros.

Regarding the gastronomic visit, Channel 13 highlighted that "El Espantapájaros is a classic that went from being a free fork to an assisted buffet, you can also choose one of their dishes from the menu. A place that is characterized by offering a fusion of German Chilota cuisine ", in which you can eat roasted on a stick, the famous bravas potatoes and some preparations that are coming out on a daily basis.

The note also showed different panoramas in the area and recommended visiting Ruté to find out unmissable data to enjoy on the Ruta de Los Lagos.

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