Canopy, visit the Automuseum, hiking and many more panoramas: Holidays with children are very entertaining in Rutenica

Those who enjoy the holidays the most are our boys and girls, many even wait the whole year to enjoy this time with their families. But having them in the house all day is not an option for families this summer vacation.

Like adults, children also need activities outside the home for their emotional well-being.

In Ruténica we have many panoramas so that the smallest members of the household can have fun, learn and get to know Puyehue, Ranco and Llanquihue better. You want to know more? Next, we leave you some of the best panoramas to share with the family and with the little ones in the house.


As part of the Norpatagonia circuit, it is one of the favorite areas of the Lakes and Volcanoes Route. It is "paradise", as its communal motto indicates, for those who seek to rest and live experiences surrounded by the nature of the "Valdivian forest", inhabited by foxes, pudúes and monitos del monte. In addition, its lakes and rivers shine thanks to their crystal clear waters, where you will find dozens of beaches to enjoy in summer.


Lago Puyehue Aquarium and Farm: In this incredible theme park you will be able to visit the only freshwater aquarium that exists in Chile, where you will be able to admire the life that exists inside the lakes in their different stages of development. You can also visit the educational farm, with mammals and birds for supply. With this panorama, it is impossible to get bored on vacation (more info at: https://bit. ly/3kD76O4)

Visit Automuseum Moncopulli: 26 years old since its foundation, it is a place where you can not only enjoy cars, but also see model trains and cars, toys, an incredible collection of cameras from photos, agricultural machinery and hundreds of antiques. With ambient music that will transport you back in time! (more info at: https://bit. ly/3ZKDtKE).

Horseback riding along the Gol Gol river: two hours through open pampa (1 km) and then native forest (1 km) to visit Salto del Indio, then another 2 km through the forest on the banks from the Golgol river, until we reach the Repucura waterfall, then we visit the red waterfall and the veil of the Bride. We got off and took photos in each of these wonderful views (more info at: https://bit. ly/3Wlotjx).

Ranco Lake

It is the third largest in Chile, it is one of the most attractive and memorable adventures of the Lakes and Volcanoes Route. Sailing through its waters that shine under the sun's rays allows you to discover some of the most exclusive lake resorts in the country, with beautiful cattle fields, exuberant Valdivian jungle forests, cliffs and viewpoints towards islands, waterfalls and snow-capped mountains.


Guided hiking in Karülafken: In this personalized experience, a certified local guide will take you on a trail that enters the reserve of the temperate rain forests of the Southern Andes, inside the indigenous community Kusamkö (Waters and Hills) in the town of Calcurrupe Alto (Sendero de Los Brujos), between Lake Ranco (Agua de apuesta) and Lake Maihue (Jarrito to drink) (more information: https:// bit. ly/3EWwXbG).

By bicycle to Los Mañíos in Ranco: together with a local guide, through a route that surrounds the lake until reaching the junction that goes up to this area. Once there, we will enter a family agrotourism venture where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the lake and walk along a path surrounded by native forest and waterfalls. (more information: https://bit. ly/3sdooSc).

Lake Llanquihue

It is considered the finishing touch of the Lagos & Volcanes Scenic Route. Visiting this lake, the second largest in Chile after General Carrera, in Aysén, implies going through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the south, under the shadow of the imposing Osorno, Calbuco, Puntiagudo and Tronador volcanoes, which do not stop reminding us of the wonderful of nature.

Among its great attractions there is also the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, the crystalline Petrohué River, Todos Los Santos Lake and the largest bike path in the country, which borders Lake Llanquihue, as explained in the Adventure Guide of the Lakes and Volcanoes Route.


Guided cultural walk in Frutillar: This experience seeks to reveal and publicize various aspects of local history, through a tour that includes a visit to various parts of the city. The guide will show you houses and temples of the typical area, highlighting the various manifestations of local heritage: living, architectural, and cultural heritage, among others (more information https://bit. ly/3Cu4Hub).

Catamaran ride on Lake Llanquihue: We set sail from the Frutillar Pier for a 45-minute tour while we tell you the history of the city of music and its natural environment. On this navigation you will be able to admire Frutillar and the 6 volcanoes that can be seen in the Andes Mountains while enjoying an unmissable cafeteria on board, among other surprises (more information https://bit. ly/3EGKMef).

Multi activity full day: bicycle and kayak through Maullín River. The adventure begins by bicycle in Puerto Varas, to head towards Llanquihue, a town where you can enjoy incredible views and landscapes with mountains and volcanoes. After a delicious lunch, the journey continues with a kayak descent through the only outlet of Lake Llanquihue towards the sea, through the Maullín River (more details: https://bit. ly/3BprXKM).


It is part of the Sietelagos circuit: Calafquén, Panguipulli, Riñihue, Pullinque, Pellaifa, Neltume and Pirihueico. The landscape that surrounds these lakes is famous worldwide for the presence of exuberant Valdivian jungle forests. In addition, its main figure is the Mocho Choshuenco volcano, where different activities can be carried out both in winter and in summer.


Riding in Huilo Huilo: It consists of a fun trip through the hills of Huilo Huilo, the magical forest, where you can enjoy all the incredible beauty of the Fuy River and Salto la Leona, as well as visiting red deer and wild boars to return along paths in the middle of the ancient forest of giant coihues (more information: https://bit. ly/3ywXfxe).

City tour Panguipulli area:visit the emblematic, historical places, and of impressive natural beauty such as the drainage of Lake Riñihue, the beautiful Chauquen beach, the Coz Coz Wetland and beach, Pto Calafquen beach , the church of Panguipulli, the Casona Cultural, the museum and the important pier of Panguipulli, history and culture that marks the birth of the commune and the life of the Andean inhabitants of the Los Ríos region (more information: https ://bit. ly/3el7rCk).

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