Are you looking for entertaining vacations? Take a look at these outdoor sports that you can practice as a family on the Lakes and Volcanoes Route

Going out with the family group on vacation is always a challenge, especially when it is made up of members with different personalities, ages and tastes. Finding an activity that everyone likes is not easy either.

A very entertaining and exciting alternative is outdoor sports. In addition to deepening ties with the family group, they allow you to connect with nature and treasure memories that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

In the destinations of the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route there is a wide variety of outdoor sports that you can practice, with expert guides and under optimal security measures. Depending on your family group, there are activities available with different levels of difficulty. You can go hiking, horseback riding, arborism, trekking, kayaking or mountain biking circuits, among many other activities.

Rodrigo Moreno, general manager of the Lakes and Volcanoes Scenic Route, also adds that these activities can also be mixed with visits to hot springs and gastronomy: “And if you want to add adventure, you can go to the Conguillío or Vicente Pérez Rosales national parks ”.

In Ruténica we have selected these proposals for you to enjoy an entertaining vacation with your family group:


–Eco Canopy Tralcapulli: This is a panorama to enjoy with the whole family. In the EcoCanopy Tralcapulli you will enjoy a once in a lifetime experience; the overflight of the most extreme nature of southern Chile. You will be able to appreciate trees that are only found in this area of ​​planet earth. Ulmos, Coigües, Robles among others. Some of them with more than 400 years of age. Only 15 minutes from Panguipulli, after doing a little trekking through the forest, you will find this platform of 900 meters of flight, three tunique iroles over Selva Valdivi ana. The entire activity lasts about 1 hour, depending on the number of the family group (more info at the following link https://bit. ly/3IG93D7).

–Floated in Rio Fuy – Choshuenco: This is a panorama designed for the little ones who want to experience a moment of adventure. Family Floating is the same concept as Rafting, but with a lower level of difficulty (more info in the following link https://bit. ly/3W5nLqt).

–Stand up paddle classes (from 12 years old): The SUP classes include a theoretical part carried out at the agency, with safety instructions and paddling techniques, lasting approximately 30 minutes and a practical part that takes place at Lake Panguipulli (more info in the following link https://bit. ly/3vTaFll).


–Salto la Olla Island Park: This beautiful 6.5-hectare park of native forest, traveled by the Mapuche culture since ancient times, has 4 trails to explore: Salto del Brujo, White Rocks Trail, Botanical Trail and Salto la Olla. Its facilities include a viewpoint, ceremonial area, restrooms and a picnic area. In addition, it has a cafeteria and a shop with products and crafts from the area (More info: https://bit. ly/3GI5kST).

–Arborism in Anticura: An excellent place to live a family adventure. Inside the Puyehue National Park, in the middle of the Valdivian jungle, there is an arborism circuit built many meters above the ground. You will go through 8 platforms with different games through the treetops: suspension bridges, Tibetan bridge, climbing wall, canopy and many other surprises (https://bit. ly/3iGkuQL).

–Day of connection with nature in Anticura: This guided experience includes techniques of connection with nature and stories of local culture within the framework of a day of interpretive hiking through different sectors of the tourist complex Anticura inserted in the Puyehue National Park. Includes a portion of the march and lunch (More information: https://bit. ly/3V2JvCS).


Full day: bike and kayak through Maullín River: The adventure begins in Puerto Varas, where we will take our bike to explore a typical and unique Chilean town, Llanquihue, which is built around Humedales, the Maullín River and the Lake of the same name. In this town you can enjoy incredible views and landscapes of mountains and volcanoes, it is an unusual adventure that you should not miss when you visit Puerto Varas. After visiting Llanquihue we will have time for lunch with delicious homemade hamburgers or perhaps homemade pizza accompanied by local beers. Continuing with our activity, we will kayak down the only outlet of Lake Llanquihue towards the sea, we will paddle the Maullín River, a flat and calm river to enjoy and contemplate nature. You will be able to meet the Kingfisher, Herons ducks and the elusive Huillín the freshwater otter (more information: https://bit. ly/3hBQIf1).

–Guided kayak tour: appreciation of the nature of Puerto Octay: The tour begins with an introduction to paddling and the local fauna. It consists of a guided tour around the lake in a kayak, with an expert guide in birds, flora and fauna, visiting the network of wetlands, historic areas on the lake edge and native forest, as well as disembarking on some small islands. The activity ends in a traditional German cafeteria a few steps from the lake. The tour lasts around 3 hours, it is a tour of contemplation and light physical effort. Up to 8 people can participate (https://bit. ly/3H3xglC).