Adventure and gastronomy: Discover unmissable Panoramas for the Day in Puyehue, Llanquihue and Ranco selected by Ruténica

It is no longer necessary to be away from home for a long time to discover dream destinations in the Los Lagos and Los Ríos Regions. Ruténica made a selection of Panoramas for the Day, with packs that include adventures, recreation, rest and gastronomy, so that your only concern is to enjoy and relax with activities that will amaze you.

They are Panoramas for the Day to break the routine as a couple, with children, as a family or with a group of friends. Review our selected packs and contact us at www. ruthenic cl. You are only one click away from discovering these adventures.

–Discover Puyehue and its native forests: This panorama includes entrance to the Isla Salto la Olla Park, which you can visit between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. There are 6.5 hectares of native forest, traveled since ancient times by the Mapuche culture. We can book a lunch at Quincho Tierra Sur Restaurant, at the time that suits you, where you can savor exquisite preparations with organic products from our own production. In addition, you will be able to visit the Lago Puyehue Aquarium and farm, the only freshwater one that exists in Chile. More details at this link: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/discover-puyehue-for-the-day.

–Southern Charm in Llanquihue: Contemplate a Walk with Goats in Purranque, which you can milk, feed and care for like a shepherd. In addition, you can rest in a native forest under the trees. And regain strength in the El Espantapájaros Restaurant, whose menu includes an all-you-can-eat buffet, with its traditional roast on a stick, among other delicacies. With this panorama you will also have the option of booking a 2.5-hour experience in a Hot Tubs – Cancagua, in a natural ravine with a view of Lake Llanquihue and with waiter service via WhatsApp. More information here: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/encanto-sure-ño-en-llanquihue.

–Magic Waterfall Hiking (Ranco Lake Basin): Its name says it all. Before reaching the destination, you must travel 2 kilometers of forest in the middle of nature. The effort is worth it, since the prize is to contemplate this beautiful wonder of nature, full of positive energy that radiates to those who visit it. More information here: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/hiking-magical-waterfall.

–Trekking and eleven southern: Enjoy a wonderful day walking the trails of more than 100 km of the Futangue Park, where you can find barbecue areas, picnic areas, suspension bridges, docks and viewpoints. In addition, the panorama includes a coupon for a southern eleven at the Finca del Ranco Restaurant, with kneaded bread, homemade cookies, kuchen and other delicacies. Prices and details at this link: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/trekking-y-once-surena-for-the-day.

–Trekking Cerro Pico Toribio – Ranco: Walking the trails of the Pico Toribio Park, in Quimán Alto, will allow you a maximum connection with the Temperate Rain Forest and its incredible Biodiversity. You will be surprised with a hidden lagoon and the summit, with a viewpoint overlooking the entire territory. They are 10 hours of adventure. More details and recommendations here: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/trekking-cerro-pico-toribio-trekking-another-path.

Guided circuit through the Riñinahue Valley: In this panorama, the adventure begins at the Pocura Lagoon and its old viewpoint that overlooks the interior of the valley, from where you can see the Puyehue Volcano in the background ; It is followed by a visit to the Cuya Volcano, to then start the trekking towards the Mirador Volcano. The route contemplates a passage through the Ojos del Huishue Park, with its series of waterfalls and underground water sources that give rise to a great waterfall in a very natural and local environment in the community of Rupumeica Alto. Click for more details: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/circuit-through-the-rininahue-valley-and-the-volcanic-group-carran-los-venados-until-arriving-and-touring-the-mystical-falls-ojos-del-huishue.

–Day tickets to ski in Antillanca – Puyehue: If you prefer to go straight to the snow, we also have day tickets to enjoy this sport on the mountains of the Puyehue National Park. Antillanca is the ideal place for families who want to start skiing. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/copy-of-tickets-per-day-to-ski-low-season-in-antillanca-puyehue.

–Ascent to azufreras in Cordón Caulle: The panorama contemplates a winter ascent with snowshoes to the Azufreras sector of Cordón Caulle. The excursion begins with a climb in a 4x4, going through the forest of Coihues, Mañíos and Patagonian Lenga, among other species, reaching the living volcanic formations of sulfur, where we will be able to see their vapors, colors and muddy water outlets with the predominant ash of the place. . Safety pin. Details here: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/winter-ascension-by-day-to-azufreras-sector-in-cordon-caulle-modality-snowshoes.

–Day of connection with nature in Anticura: This guided experience includes techniques of connection with nature and stories of local culture within the framework of a day of interpretive hiking through different sectors of the tourist complex Anticura inserted in the Puyehue National Park. Includes portion of march and lunch. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/day-of-connection-with-nature-in-anticura.

–Mirador Volcano Ascent - Hiking in Ranco: This is an ideal panorama for lovers of the beauty of volcanoes. Contemplate a visit to the crater of the Mirador volcano, one of the more than 60 eruptive centers that make up the Carrán – Los Venados volcanic group. Located in the middle of the native forest, ascending to its summit at 700 m. yes no m , you can see how the lava flow burst on one side and ran down the valley. The panoramic view is incredible. More information: https://www. ruthenic cl/products/ascencion-volcano-mirador-hiking.

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