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Senderismo guiado

recorre con nosotros el Sendero Deleite del Bosque y llega a la mítica Cáscada Mágica



Sector Trahuilco s/n, Rininahue, Lago Ranco, Los Ríos

We are starting Spring so that you can experience the best adventures in Nature, but we want to know, are you missing the South?

Then walk with us the Forest Delight Trail and arrive at the mythical Magic Waterfall where some mischievous goblins hide their treasure, you will also receive all the energy that radiates from this hidden place of the Andean Pre-Cordillera.

What to bring

  • Trekking shoes, recommended half round
  • Clothes appropriate for the season, go with layers
  • Still mineral water (not fizzy drinks)
  • Snacks such as cereal bars, nuts, hydrating fruits, such as oranges, tangerines or energizing and fortifying fruits such as bananas.
  • Swimsuit and towel (optional).

How to get there

From Lago Ranco advance 23 km towards Riñinahue along route T85 past the Collico Bridge 50 mt, turn right onto the right side road for 800 mts arriving at a green metal gate, from there turn right again continuing towards the Andean Pre-Cordillera about 500 meters finally turning left at a T-junction, to enter the organizing property of the hiking activity.


Minimum 2 people and maximum 5, children from 12 years old and up.


2 People $50,000
3 People $75,000
4 People $100,000
5 People


Políticas de devolución

Grado de dificultad baja a media , salud y estado físico compatible con la actividad.

Hiking Magic Waterfall - Ranco

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Hiking Magic Waterfall - Ranco
Hiking Magic Waterfall - Ranco
Hiking Magic Waterfall - Ranco
Hiking Magic Waterfall - Ranco
Hiking Magic Waterfall - Ranco
Hiking Magic Waterfall - Ranco