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Te recomendamos esta escapada donde podrás aventurarte junto a tu pareja en la Cordillera de Puyehue y disfrutar de un fin de semana con actividades que te permitirán desconectar de la rutina y llenarte de energía.


Lago Puyehue

Anticura Ruta 215, Km 91, Sector, Anticura, Puyehue, Los Lagos

We recommend this getaway where you can venture with your partner into the Puyehue Mountain Range and enjoy a weekend with activities that will allow you to disconnect from routine and fill yourself with energy.

Suggested program for 2 people:


- Arrival and accommodation in Anticura cabins.


- Breakfast at Anticura.

- Trekking through the trails of the Puyehue National Park where you will be able to see various waterfalls and a viewpoint.

- 2-hour horseback riding along the Golgol river in Fundo el Caulle: in this wonderful ride we will ride through the open pampa and then through native forest to visit the Indian waterfall, and tour the forest on the banks of the Golgol river, until get to the Repucura waterfall, then we visit the red waterfall and the veil of the Bride.


- Arborism in Anticura: enjoy this route many meters above the ground where you will go through 8 platforms to enjoy different games through the treetops such as hanging bridges, Tibetan bridge, climbing wall , Canopy, among others. This activity is recommended for adults and children over 10 years of age, as it is accompanied by expert guides.

Other suggestions:

- The accommodation offers breakfast, lunch and dinner services every day. You can coordinate it directly on site.

- We also recommend making a reservation at La Valenciana Restaurant (International Route 215 Km. 53 Puyehue)

This program does not include food or transfers.

Entry time: 15:00 hrs.

Departure time: 10:00 AM.

If you need more information, you can contact us at +56949773485

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Adventure in Puyehue (Weekend for 2 people)

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Adventure in Puyehue (Weekend for 2 people)
Adventure in Puyehue (Weekend for 2 people)
Adventure in Puyehue (Weekend for 2 people)
Adventure in Puyehue (Weekend for 2 people)
Adventure in Puyehue (Weekend for 2 people)
Adventure in Puyehue (Weekend for 2 people)