Contest legal bases


FIRST: OBJECT The Contest consists of raffling 10 slots for a Meet & Greet with the Angel Parra Trío Group, described in these Bases, for 1 winner, among those who register in the draw and buy tickets through www. ruthenic cl

SECOND: FORMS OF PARTICIPATING AND MECHANICS OF THE CONTEST Ruténica has organized the contest for all those people residing in Chile, who participate by completing the form at the following link https://forms. gle/vVKmqvB6twpwg2JC6

THIRD: VALIDITY OF THE CONTEST This contest will be valid from November 1 to 30.

FOURTH: WHO CAN PARTICIPATE All persons of legal age residing in Chile (the "Participants") may participate. They will not be able to participate in the Contest:

  1. Officials of Rutenica and people who work for Rutenica.
  2. Anyone who has participated directly or indirectly in the creation of these Bases (such as officials of Ecomsur S. A and Ruthenian team);
  3. The direct relatives of the persons indicated above up to the second degree of consanguinity;
  4. People who do not have residence in Chile.

FIFTH: PARTICIPANT'S COMMITMENT The Participant agrees to abide by and respect these Terms and especially the following:

  1. In the event that the Participant enters a comment in the Contest or on Ruténica's Instagram, whose content is considered obscene, aggressive, ethically incorrect or violates the rights of third parties, Ruténica at its sole discretion , you can delete the comment and disqualify the Contest Participant. 2. The mere fact of participating in the Contest and opting for the prize, imports the express authorization of all Participants to Ruténica and Ecomsur S. A, without the need for special authorization, to use the information collected from it and to disseminate their names and images by taking photographs and/or videos, linked to their participation in the promotion, all of them waiving to receive any compensation either in money or in kind. In addition, Ruténica and Ecomsur are empowered to display and/or publicize any of the participants, through the media and in the manner they deem appropriate. 3 - Participants, at the time of claiming their prize, must have residence in Chile.

SIXTH: PRIZE 5 winners will be selected who complete the form and buy tickets through www. ruthenic cl Each winner will receive two of the 10 places to participate in the Meet & Greet with the artists of the Angel Parra Trío band.

SEVENTH: THE WINNERS Those selected will be published on December 6, 2022. The Draw to determine the winners of the Prize will be held privately at the offices of Ecomsur S. TO located on Av. Presidente Riesco 5435, of 302, Las Condes, Chile. Ruténica reserves the right to modify the date and place of the Draw, leaving it at its discretion to decide how to proceed with it, which will be duly informed to the Participants.

EIGHTH: PROCEDURE FOR THE SELECTION AND COMMUNICATION OF THE WINNERS The selection of the winning participant will be through a draw among the people who participate in the draw

The winners will be informed by posting their name on Ruténica's Instagram.

  1. The winners will have 3 days from the moment their name was published, to express in writing, on Ruténica's Instagram, their acceptance of the prize.
  2. Once the period indicated above has elapsed, without receiving the response from the winner, it will be understood that the latter did not accept the prize and renounces it.
  3. Once the prize is accepted according to the terms established in these bases, the winners will be contacted by the Agency within the following 48 hours, for the purpose of coordinating the delivery of the prize.

NINTH: PRIZE DELIVERY PROCEDURE Once the winner accepts the prize and is contacted by the agency, the prize delivery will be coordinated. The Prize will be sent to the address of the address that the winner gives us. The prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for money.

TENTH: CONSTANCE. It is clarified that Instagram and Facebook do not sponsor, endorse or administer this Contest in any way, nor are they associated with it, and have no responsibility for its development. The requested information is provided to Ruténica and not to Instagram and Facebook.

ELEVENTH: MODIFICATION OF THE RULES Ruténica and Ecomsur may modify or extend the validity of the Contest, and must inform the participants in a timely and adequate manner. Likewise, they may modify the prizes included in the promotion and its conditions, and/or terminate the promotion early, previously informing the participants, or the winner as the case may be, all of which will not generate liability or compensation in favor of third parties or participants.

TWELFTH: LIABILITY Ruténica and Ecomsur are not responsible for the fact that, once the end date of the promotion has expired, advertising or products labeled with reference to it continue to circulate.

THIRTEENTH: ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULES The mere fact of participating in this contest means knowledge and acceptance of these rules. In this sense, it is established that the winners must necessarily provide their collaboration in order to promote the dissemination of said event through the means that Ruténica and Ecomsur determine, in favor of the necessary transparency required by public faith. In this way, it will be a condition to receive, withdraw and cash the prize, that the winning participant or participants participate in the activities, promotions, events, programs or dissemination of Ruténica and/or Ecomsur.